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Break free from the overhead and limitations of your on-premises infrastructure. Tap into unlimited resources to scale your high-performance computing (HPC) jobs – analysing large-scale data, running simulations and financial models and experimenting while reducing time to market.

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“I can now manage 750 machines in Azure on weekdays and a thousand on weekends, plus an extra 300 production machines on-premises. And that’s all done by one person.”

Robert Griffiths, MUFG Director

Scale on demand, stay on budget

When the amount of data you have to ingest and process grows, tap into cloud resources for elastic extension of compute capabilities. Scale cost-effectively with the high performance computing (HPC) capabilities of Azure.

“By steering all of our calculations to the Azure cloud, we can map them and make a usage breakdown for the business. Consequently, we can say that this particular run, or that book, or this analysis for that book costs you 37 pounds and 20 pence per day to compute. Then we can ask the business if they really need it.”

Robert Griffiths, MUFG Director

Democratize access to achieve fast results

As scientific experiments drive an explosion in data growth, the need to share, process, and protect that data grows too. Bring collaborative, scalable, and secure access from anywhere, at any time, to all users.

Virginia Tech
"Life scientists and their institutions no longer have to find millions of dollars to establish their own supercomputing center. Rather than incur the cost of housing their own data center resources and create their own provisioning and scheduling policies, this is done for them through the Microsoft Azure ecosystem."

Wu Feng, Professor of Computer Science at Virginia Tech

Reduce time to market

Add flexible compute resources to deliver more granularity and improved results faster. Ultimately, you’ll finish more projects and get more done.

"We are happy to see the results of STAR-CCM+ performance testing on the Microsoft Azure platform using A9 virtual machines and Linux RDMA technology. The results show good scaling up to 1,024 cores for STAR-CCM+. This performance accelerates the pace of product design cycles using simulation and helps engineers discover better designs, faster."

Keith Foston, Product Manager for STAR-CCM+

Disrupt the market with new products

Whether re-inventing classic lines of business apps, re-architecting proven scenarios, or taking data-driven into overdrive, you need fast and flexible architectures. Use Azure to build architectures that expand, adapt, and shrink with the demand of customers.

Willis Towers Watson
"Usage-based insurance [UBI] can be an opportunity or a threat to insurers. With a cost-effective UBI service hosted in Azure, we’re ensuring that they can see it as an opportunity.”

Andy Lingard, Global Leader of General Insurance Software Development

Use the applications and middleware that you love

Find HPC applications from our trusted partners in the Azure Marketplace and around the web.

Solution architectures

Big Compute Solutions as a Service Pool Storage Virtual Machines Client App Web App Batch
Big compute solutions as a service

High-performance computing (HPC) applications can scale to thousands of compute cores, extend on-premises big compute or run as a 100% cloud-native solution. This HPC solution is implemented with Azure Batch, which provides job scheduling, auto-scaling of compute resources and execution management of platforms as a service (PaaS) that reduces HPC infrastructure code and maintenance.

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HPC cluster deployed in the cloud OR Availability Set ARM template Script file ClusterHead Node Virtual Machines VM Scale Set RDMA Network A8, A9, and H SeriesVirtual Machines Storage Virtual Network
HPC cluster deployed in the cloud

High-performance computing (HPC) applications can scale to thousands of compute cores, extend on-premises big compute or run as a 100% cloud-native solution. This HPC solution, including the head node, compute nodes and storage nodes, runs in Azure with no hardware infrastructure to maintain.

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On premises HPC implementation bursting to Azure HPC Compute Cluster OR OR VM Scale Set Virtual Machines Virtual Network Azure On-Premise Storage VPN Express Route Cluster Nodes Cluster Head Node
On-premises HPC implementation bursting to Azure

High-performance computing (HPC) applications can scale to thousands of compute cores, extend on-premises big compute or run as a 100% cloud-native solution. This HPC solution can extend its computational capacity by leveraging the compute-intensive instances of Virtual Machines running in Azure and accessed via Express Route or a VPN.

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