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Flexible purchase and pricing options for all your cloud scenarios.

Microsoft Azure allows you to quickly deploy infrastructure and services to meet all of your business needs. You can run Windows- and Linux-based applications in 36 Azure data centre regions, delivered with enterprise-grade SLAs.

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How to save

Reserved VM Instances

Save up to 72 per cent over pay-as-you-go pricing with an upfront one- or three-year commitment. Exchange or cancel at any time.

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Azure Hybrid Benefit

Use your on-premises Windows Server licences with Software Assurance to save up to 40 per cent on virtual machines in Azure. Combine with Reserved VM Instances to save even more.

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Dev/Test pricing

Get discounted rates on Azure for your ongoing development and testing, including no Microsoft software charges on Azure Virtual Machines and special dev/test pricing on other services.

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Example pricing for popular products

Estimate your cost

Estimate your expected monthly bill using our Pricing Calculator, and track your actual account usage and bill at any time using the billing portal. Set up automatic email billing alerts to be notified if your spend goes above an amount you configure.

Pricing calculator

Quickly compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your on-premises infrastructure with a comparable Azure deployment using our TCO Calculator and estimate the savings you can realise by moving to Azure.

TCO calculator

Support plans

Choose the plan that’s right for you. Learn more about Azure support.

Developer Standard Professional Direct Premier
Best for: Trial and non-production environments Production workload environments Business-critical dependence Substantial dependence across multiple products
Initial response time <8 hours <2 hours <1 hour <15 minutes (with Azure Rapid Response) (with Azure Rapid Response) or <1 hour (without Azure Rapid Response)
Monthly costs $29/month $100/month $1000/month Contact us
Not available Learn more Learn more Learn more Learn more

Manage your costs

Manage your cloud spend with transparency and accuracy. Make the most of Azure and other clouds with Cost Management (formerly Cloudyn). Use tools to monitor, allocate and optimise costs to confidently accelerate future investment.

Cost Management enables you to:

  • Use historical data to improve forecasting for cloud usage and expenditure.
  • Continuously monitor cloud consumption and cost trends.
  • Optimise by right-sizing virtual machines and eliminating idle resources.
  • Improve organisational accountability by allocating cloud costs to business units and projects.

Cost Management is free to customers and partners

Additional purchase options

Microsoft Resellers

Get help from Azure partners to deploy and manage your Azure solutions. Explore ready-made or custom solutions to ensure your cloud deployment is optimised for your business.

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Enterprise Agreements

Larger organisations can also sign up for a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA). A Microsoft Enterprise Agreement provides flexibility to buy cloud services and software licences under one agreement with discounts for new licences and Software Assurance.

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