Service Bus Pricing

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Azure Service Bus is a messaging infrastructure that sits between applications, allowing them to exchange messages for improved scale and resiliency. How Service Bus works.

Service Bus comes in Basic, Standard and Premium tiers. Here’s how they compare:

Feature Basic Standard Premium
Scheduled messages
Message size 256 KB 256 KB 1 MB
Brokered connections included 100 1,0001 1,000 per MU
Brokered connections (excess allowed) (billable) Up to 1,000 per MU
Resource isolation
11,000 Brokered Connections are included with the Standard Messaging tier (via the Base Charge) and can be shared across all queues, topics/subscriptions and Event Hubs within the associated Azure Subscription. Service Bus Premium runs in dedicated resources to provide higher throughput and more consistent performance.

Messaging operations

An operation is any API call to the Service Bus service.

Operations $- per million operations
Base charge 1 $-/month
First 12.5 million Ops/Month Included
Next 88 million Ops (13 million - 100 million Ops)/Month $- per million operations
Next 2,400 million Ops (100 million - 2,500 million Ops)/Month $- per million operations
Over 2,500 million Ops/Month $- per million operations
Daily $- fixed rate per Message Unit

Brokered connections

Number of AMQP connections or HTTP calls to Service Bus.

Standard Tier
First 1 thousand/Month Included
Next 99 thousand (1 thousand - 100 thousand)/Month $- per connection/month
Next 400 thousand (100 thousand - 500 thousand)/Month $- per connection/month
Over 500 thousand/Month $- per connection/month
Premium Tier
Brokered connections are not charged in the Premium tier.

Hybrid Connections and WCF Relays

Hybrid connections are charged per Listener unit and for any data overage exceeding the included 5 GB/month. WCF Relays are charged by message volume and relay hours.
Hybrid Connection Pricing
Connection Charge (includes 5 GB of data/month) $- per Listener
Data Transfer Overage (Data exceeding the included 5 GB/month)* $-/GB

*The data transfer limit of 5 GB covers total data transfer across all listener units.

WCF Relay Pricing
Relay hours $- for every 100 relay hours
Messages $- for every 10,000 messages

The monthly prices are calculated based on 744 hours of use. Connections will be charged in one hour increments.

Support and SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support
  • Flexible support plans starting at $29.0/month. Shop for a plan
  • Guaranteed 99.9% reliable. Read the SLA

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