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VPN Gateway pricing

Azure VPN Gateway enables you to establish secure, cross-premises connectivity between your virtual network within Azure and on-premises IT infrastructure.

VPN Gateways

Setting up a virtual network is free of charge. However, we do charge for the VPN gateway that connects to on-premises and other virtual networks in Azure. This charge is based on the amount of time that the gateway is provisioned and available.

VPN Gateway Type Price Bandwidth S2S tunnels P2S tunnels
Basic $- 100 Mbps Max. 10
1-10: Included
Max. 128
1-128: Included
VpnGw1 $- 650 Mbps Max. 30
1-10: Included
11-30: $-/hour per tunnel
Max. 128
1-128: Included
VpnGw2 $- 1 Gbps Max. 30
1-10: Included
11-30: $-/hour per tunnel
Max. 128
1-128: Included
VpnGw3 $- 1.25 Gbps Max. 30
1-10: Included
11-30: $-/hour per tunnel
Max. 128
1-128: Included

* Monthly price estimates are based on 730 hours of usage per month.

ExpressRoute gateways

ExpressRoute gateways are required to access a virtual network when using an ExpressRoute circuit.
Gateway type Price Bandwidth (up to)
Standard ExpressRoute Gateway $- 1 Gbps
High Performance ExpressRoute Gateway $- 2 Gbps
Ultra Performance ExpressRoute Gateway $- 9 Gbps

* Monthly price estimates are based on 730 hours of usage per month.

For technical specifications and limitations regarding the different VPN Gateways, please refer to the VPN Gateways MSDN page. Inter-virtual network charges are now discounted as noted below (previously charged at standard Data Transfer rates).

Inbound inter-virtual network data transfers

(i.e. data going into Azure data centres between two virtual networks)—Free

Outbound Inter-virtual network data transfers

(i.e. data going out of Azure data centres between two virtual networks)

From Zone 1*— $- per GB

From Zone 2*— $- per GB

From Zone 3*— $- per GB

* For zone details, please refer to the FAQs below.

Outbound P2S (point-to-site) VPN data transfers

(i.e. data going out of Azure Virtual Network via P2S VPNs)

Data transferred out of Azure Virtual Networks via the P2S VPNs will be charged at standard data transfer rates.

Support and SLA

  • We provide technical support for all Azure services released to general availability, including VPN Gateway, through Azure Support, starting at $29/month. Billing and subscription management support is provided at no cost.
  • SLA – To learn more about our SLA, please visit the SLA page.


  • Yes. A partial hour is billed as a full hour.

  • Yes. Data transfers between two virtual networks are charged at the Inter-virtual network rates noted above. Other data transfers over the VPN connections to your on-premises sites or the Internet in general are charged separately at the regular data transfer rate.

  • A sub-region is the lowest level geo-location that you may select to deploy your applications and associated data. For data transfers (except CDN), the following regions correspond to Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone 3:

    • Zone 1 – US West, US East, US North Central, US South Central, Europe West, Europe North, France Central, France South
    • Zone 2 – Asia Pacific East, Asia Pacific Southeast, Japan East, Japan West, India South, India West, India Central
    • Zone 3 – Brazil South
  • Similar to standard data transfer charges, inter-virtual network charges are based on the source zone. For example, if data is transferred from a virtual network in US West (Zone 1) to a virtual network in Asia Pacific East (Zone 2), the charge will be based on Zone 1 rates.

  • No. Only data transfer between two different regions will be charged, except with P2S VPNs.


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