Service Fabric pricing

Azure Service Fabric simplifies developing applications that use a microservice architecture, freeing developers to focus on building features that deliver customer value instead of managing infrastructure.

Service Fabric on Azure

Azure Service Fabric gives you deployment options. You can build and deploy applications to a Service Fabric cluster or to Service Fabric mesh, a fully managed microservices platform.

Service Fabric Cluster

A Service Fabric cluster is a network-connected set of virtual machines into which your microservices are deployed and managed. Service Fabric clusters can be deployed using any standard size Windows Server or Linux virtual machines. You are only charged for the compute instances, storage, networking resources and IP addresses you choose when creating a Service Fabric cluster. There is no charge for the service offered by Service Fabric itself with this deployment option.

Service Fabric Mesh (Preview)

Azure Service Fabric mesh gives you a fully managed microservices platform. It enables businesses to easily build mission-critical, scalable applications using microservices with any code or framework of your choice. Pricing for Mesh is in line with that of Azure Container Instances (ACI), with a 50% discount applied as the service is still in preview. Please see for more details on ACI pricing.

Pricing details

Container Compute

Container compute duration is calculated from when your container begins to pull your container image until it has terminated. The price depends on the number of vCPU and GBs of memory allocated to the container group. There is a one-minute minimum charge for each instance deployed, after which you are charged for each GB and vCPU second. For each container, you can allocate a minimum of 0.5 vCPU and 1 GB memory. You can allocate up to 4 vCPU and 8 GB of memory to each instance you deploy. You can increment your allocation of memory by 1 GB increments and .25 vCPU increments. There is an additional software charge of $- per vCPU second for Windows instances.

Reliable volumes

Disk Size 32 GiB
Price per unit per month $-
IOPs per disk 240
Throughput per disk 50 MB/Second

Pricing reflects a 50% preview discount

Service Fabric Reliable Volumes offer high performance, Solid State Drives (SSD) based persistent Storage, designed to support I/O intensive workloads with high throughput, low latency, replicated local store. The total cost of Service Fabric Reliable Volumes depends on the size and number of the disks, and will be affected by the number of outbound data transfers.

Reliable Collections

Service Fabric reliable dictionary and queue $-/GB/month
Provisioned IOPS (per 100 IOPS, 400 IOPS minimum) $-/hour

Pricing reflects a 50% preview discount

Service Fabric’s reliable programming model enables high-throughput, low latency, local storage for Service Fabric. The total cost depends on the provisioned throughput (IOPS) and data (GB) stored in a reliable dictionary or a queue. The first 5 GB of data stored in a dictionary or queue that is deployed to a single availability zone is free. Each dictionary or queue is automatically replicated three times for reliability. Customers can also choose to replicate the reliable dictionary or a queue across 1 or 3 Availability Zones within a region. The default is 1 availability zone within a region. Globally distributed reliable dictionaries and queues are billed based on the storage consumed and throughput provisioned for each distributed dictionary or queue, multiplied by the number of replicated regions. Standard data transfer rates apply for replicated data transfer between regions.

Service Fabric Standalone

Service Fabric is also available as a free download for Windows Server, enabling you to create Service Fabric clusters on premises or in other clouds. Learn more.

Support and SLA

  • Free billing and subscription management support.
  • Flexible support plans starting at $29/month. Find a plan
  • Service Fabric cluster is a free service, therefore, it does not have a financially backed SLA itself. The availability of your Service Fabric cluster is based on the SLA of the underlying virtual machines and storage resources used. Please see the Virtual Machines SLA and Storage SLA for more details.
  • Service Fabric mesh does not offer SLA during preview.
  • If you have any questions about Service Fabric, use our forums.


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