Power BI Embedded pricing

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Microsoft Power BI Embedded allows app developers to embed stunning, fully interactive reports and dashboards into apps without the time and expense of having to build your own controls from the ground up.

Pricing details

The total cost of Power BI Embedded depends on the node type chosen and the number of nodes deployed. Node types differ based on number of v-cores and RAM as outlined in the table below:

Node Type Dedicated infrastructure Virtual Cores Memory Front-end/Back-end Cores Price
A1 No 1 3 GB RAM 0.5 / 0.5 $-
A2 No 2 5 GB RAM 1 / 1 $-
A3 Yes 4 10 GB RAM 2 / 2 $-
A4 Yes 8 25 GB RAM 4 / 4 $-
A5 Yes 16 50 GB RAM 8 / 8 $-
A6 Yes 32 100 GB RAM 16 / 16 $-

Refer to the “How to plan capacity for Power BI Embedded” white paper for a description of v-cores.

Review pricing for Power BI Workspace Collections Retired.

Use the Power BI Embedded service in your applications that add primary and significant functionality to our service and are not primarily a substitute for any Power BI service, and are provided for third-party use. Read the SLA


  • Customers can change the node type deployed as needed.

  • Power BI Embedded is billed on a predictable hourly rate based on the type of node(s) deployed. Actual usage is computed to the second and billed hourly. For example, if an instance exists for 12 hours and 15 minutes in a month, your bill will show usage of 12.25 hours. If your instance is only active for 6 minutes, your bill will show usage of 0.1 hour.

  • Yes, users who publish BI content need to be licensed with Power BI Pro.

  • No, users viewing content do not need Power BI licences assigned to them.

  • When the service is paused, the embedded content will not load, and you will not be charged for the service.

  • Power BI Embedded is for developers who build apps and want to use a third-party BI offering to visualise app data instead of building it themselves. Developers embed dashboards and reports into apps using Power BI Embedded. Power BI, on the other hand, is a Software-as-a-Service analytics solution that gives organisations a single view of their most critical business data.

  • Yes, however if you plan to use Power BI SaaS embedding you will need to use Power BI Premium through office (EM1-EM3; P1-P3).

  • The measure of peak renders per hour is provided as sizing guidance and it is not a licensing or throttling construct. Depending on the complexity of the model, volumes of data and complexity of the reports, the exact number of peak renders per hour will vary. Scaling APIs are offered to help ensure a great customer experience at all times, as you can scale up or down to meet demand. As you approach and exceed the maximum thresholds for your node type, expect that visual load times will be affected.


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