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Azure customer enablement

Maximise your investment on Azure with proven guidance and resources

Get the expertise you need for successful cloud enablement

Adopt the right cloud strategies to meet your specific business, industry, and security needs. Define a clear path forward with proven guidance and a collection of best practises, programmes, and cloud computing learning resources for your entire organisation to build expertise and achieve on-going cloud value.

Achieve cloud value with proven cloud tools and guidance

Build your cloud strategy and deployment plan on the proven foundations of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure and the Azure Well-Architected Framework to ensure that you're following industry best practises every step of the way.

Explore the cloud journey stages

Confidently plan and implement your cloud journey using the templates, assessments, tools, and proven best practises in the Cloud Adoption Framework. Follow in-depth technical and business guidance to implement a consistent, repeatable cloud strategy and approach across all of your people, processes, and technologies.

Define strategy

Define your strategy and successfully build your cloud business case with key financial and technical guidance from Azure.


Create an actionable plan for implementation and organisational readiness using the Strategic Migration Assessment and Readiness Tool.


Prepare your IT environments and construct Azure landing zones. Deploy at enterprise scale or start small and expand.


Migrate on-premises applications to the cloud or modernise your digital estate to drive business and product innovation.


Plan and implement appropriate compliance, governance, and security protocols with recommendations from the governance benchmark tool.


Operate and optimise your environment with a thorough analysis of your workloads using the Azure Well-Architected Review assessment tool.

Optimise your cloud investment

Understand cloud economics to get the most value from your cloud investment and build your business case for Azure.

Explore the framework at a glance

Get a quick overview of the Cloud Adoption Framework with this one-page, sharable infographic.

Build and manage high-performing workloads

Optimise the quality of your cloud workloads using a collection of technical guidance, tools, and resources centred on the five pillars of the Azure Well-Architected Framework:

Assess the quality of your workloads

Receive a thorough analysis of your workloads through the perspective of the five pillars with the Azure Well-Architected Review.

Optimise your Azure resources

Get actionable recommendations to optimise your deployed Azure resources based on cost efficiency, performance, reliability, and security with Azure Advisor.

Deliver reliable software faster

Put your organisation on the path to optimal cloud value with Microsoft frameworks supported by DevOps solutions that include seamless integrations with GitHub.

DevOps tools for every phase of the application lifecycle

Enable continual software delivery and better value by implementing the right combination of end-to-end DevOps technologies, culture, and processes on Azure.


Boost collaboration, automate code-to-cloud workflows, and help secure your code with advanced software development capabilities.

Adapt your journey with help from programmes and partners

Achieve success on Azure with direct help from cloud adoption and enablement experts including Microsoft engineers, consultants, and verified cloud partners.

Azure Migration and Modernisation Programme

Work with expert Azure engineers to plan and move confidently using proven end-to-end methodologies, tools, and resources, while taking advantage of unique offers and incentives to reduce your costs.

FastTrack for Azure

Quickly and efficiently develop and deploy successful cloud solutions with cloud best practises and assistance from Azure engineers—plus, get architectural guidance on qualifying projects.

Azure support plans

Choose from a variety of plans, including proactive services from technical experts to help you expand your Azure knowledge and technical capabilities.

Azure partners with verified capabilities

Get help finding the right partner for your cloud planning needs, including specialisation in your industry and the right level of technical and business support. Choose from partners with:

Expertise in the Cloud Adoption Framework

Industry expertise and support options

Microsoft Industry Solutions

Lead your organisation to its full potential through digital transformation—including your Azure migration and cloud journey. Work with a dedicated team of experts who will support your goals, help you identify and mitigate risks, and guide you every step of the way.

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Build cloud skills

Help your organisation gain the cloud training it needs to use Azure with confidence through a variety of virtual learning options, including self-paced courses, instructor-led training, and role-based certifications.

Learn everything from the fundamentals of using Azure to advanced IT, development, and cloud planning skills for free on Microsoft Learn. Build your cloud skills with:

  • Interactive self-paced learning paths for every skill level and role.
  • Hands-on experiences through sandbox environments.
  • Virtual and on-demand training by Microsoft Certified Trainers—available world-wide.

Start learning

Lead your organisation to success in its digital transformation and cloud training with Microsoft certifications, including:

  • Role-based certifications, including Azure Fundamentals, Azure Data Fundamentals, and Azure AI Fundamentals.
  • Speciality certifications including Azure IoT and Azure for SAP.

Become certified

Attend free Azure Virtual Training Days to learn from Microsoft experts in instructor-led, one-day online events featuring presentations, demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on workshops.

Explore events

Work with Microsoft Learning Partners around the world to get customised cloud training that suits your organisation’s needs, including blended learning and instructor-led virtual certification courses.

Start learning

Continue learning with Microsoft experts

Check out these videos from the Azure Enablement Show video series to help accelerate your cloud journey, build well-architected cloud apps, and boost your cloud computing skills.

Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Get proven guidance to accelerate your cloud adoption journey. This series includes conversations with experts about creating a cloud adoption plan, preparing your first cloud environments, and addressing governance and compliance requirements.

Azure Well-Architected Framework

Build, design, and manage high-performing workloads on Azure. This series spans the entire application lifecycle, from concept and design to management and optimisation.

Azure learning resources

Build your expertise in Azure. This series will show you how to utilise Microsoft learning resources to become—and stay—an Azure expert.

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