Heineken uses the cloud to reach 10.5 million consumers
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Simplified pricing process now takes minutes instead of days


Competitive pricing, product demand, the costs of materials, gas and labor, and thousands of other market variables affect product cost and customer demand for products or services around the world. That’s why accurate and profitable pricing represents one of the most difficult business challenges for many companies. Manufacturing, distribution, services, and airline companies look to the science and technology provided by PROS to keep their pricing accurate, competitive, and profitable. The PROS Guidance product runs enormously complex pricing calculations based on variables that comprise multiple terabytes of data. To handle this calculation complexity and data volume, and then deliver specific results to its clients quickly, PROS built its services on top of Azure HDInsight.
Airline transforms its marketing operations with open source software and the cloud

SAUDIA Airlines

In 2016, SAUDIA Airlines, Saudi Arabia’s national airline, started a companywide transformation program aimed at increasing innovation and providing improved customer service by 2020. Focused on the smart use of technology, the company moved ahead with technology integration partner Indra to build marketing systems using open source software (OSS). When technology leaders at SAUDIA Airlines sought to transition these systems to a cloud offering that integrated with OSS, they found the best choice was Microsoft Azure.
Spanish soccer league embraces artificial intelligence to get closer to its 1.6 billion fans


LaLiga is the professional soccer association of Spain and one of the most popular domestic professional sports leagues in the world. The league recently selected Microsoft as its official technology partner, and it is working with Microsoft Services to deliver next-generation fan experiences via Microsoft Azure. As a result of the partnership, LaLiga is using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to deliver the highly personalized content that fans want.
Embracing the cloud in sunny California: a city’s story of digital transformation

City of Corona

Located approximately 46 miles southeast of Los Angeles, Corona, California, describes itself as being “at the crossroads of evolution and transformation.” With a goal to attract and retain the businesses needed for a thriving community, the City of Corona’s economic development team works continuously to improve services and liaise between the city government and the business community. To create a strong foundation for the future, the team realized that it needed a more dynamic digital platform that could be supported with minimal IT staff. The IT team decided to transform the city’s digital environment by moving mission-critical IT infrastructure to the cloud, a transition that helps the City realign its business processes, enable rapid innovation, and improve insight and collaboration. By taking advantage of the Microsoft FastTrack success service, Corona has accelerated its adoption of an integrated platform that includes Microsoft Azure Government, Office 365, and Power BI. The digital transformation has changed the way the entire City consumes technology, enabling continuity, faster deployment, and increased security—all of which contribute to better outcomes.
AI expert helps salespeople close more deals


Apttus is a pioneer and market leader in intelligent Quote-to-Cash (QTC) solutions, helping companies accelerate their digital transformation efforts and maximize business outcomes. Apttus designed, developed, and delivers its next-generation platform, Apttus Intelligent Cloud, using Microsoft Azure platform services, including Cortana Intelligence Suite. By using Azure, Apttus can provide what enterprise customers want: innovative, AI-driven business outcomes; superior flexibility to support a variety of IT configurations; and the power to manage complex, compute-intensive business processes.
Developers help build a safe, standardized flight platform for industrial drones with Azure IoT Hub


Commercial and industrial drones will soon handle tasks ranging from agricultural observation to reconnaissance after a natural disaster. To prevent risks to public safety, drone operators need a way to predict when a drone needs maintenance or may fail. To fill this need, Japanese company DroneWorks is building a standardized industrial drone management system that can predict maintenance needs and malfunctions. The development team is using Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Edge as a scalable, secure solution for collecting and analyzing flight data from the dozens of sensors on a drone. Azure Stream Analytics and Microsoft Power BI currently help to visualize the data and make it actionable. The solution provides a solid foundation for implementing Azure Machine Learning, which will drive predictive maintenance and ultimately advance DroneWorks efforts to encourage adoption of a standard, safe drone management system.
Top Vietnamese dairy company plans to go global by transforming IT environment


Established in 1976, the Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (Vinamilk) has rapidly become a leading producer of dairy products, as well as one of the nation’s top companies. While it is well on its way towards achieving its strategic objectives of reaching USD 3 billion in annual revenue and becoming one of the 50 largest dairy companies in the world —Vinamilk needed secure, mobile, and robust IT solutions to attain its business goals.
Swedish startup takes its IoT platform global with Microsoft Azure


At Axelerate Solutions, we provide an enterprise-ready Internet of Things (IoT), telematics, and machine-to-machine platform in the cloud. Our customers use it to profitably connect and manage a huge number of products and devices, such as electricity meters, vehicles, health monitors, and industrial automation sensors, on a global scale. With our turnkey end-to-end solution, companies can shorte…
At Malaysia Airlines, innovation's up and costs are down, because the company has more than its planes in the cloud

Malaysia Airlines Berhad

In the increasingly competitive airline industry, Malaysia Airlines wanted to lower its costs and boost its innovation to gain strategic advantage. That’s what it’s done with its move to Microsoft Azure, part of a digital transformation that makes its SAP environment more cost-effective and creates new opportunities to increase customer engagement. With its costs down and efficiency up as a result of its move to Azure, Malaysia Airlines is now contemplating further use of the platform, such as Azure Cognitive Services, to spur digital innovation.
Regional utility company transforms its digital landscape with cloud services

Duquesne Light Company

Duquesne Light Company supplies electricity to nearly 600,000 people in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. The company is transforming its digital landscape and driving innovation with the Microsoft Azure platform and Visual Studio Team Services. After migrating its website to Azure, Duquesne Light has already moved on to more projects, including an Internet of Things initiative and a natural language bot.

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