Heineken uses the cloud to reach 10.5 million consumers
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PT. AIA FINANCIAL uses technology to transform the way it reaches and engages customers

AIA Indonesia

PT. AIA FINANCIAL or AIA Indonesia has been a trusted source of insurance for—over 20 years—becoming one of the top multinationals in the country by continuously improving its technology and communications practices. Working with Microsoft, AIA Indonesia continues to maximize the power of digital technology to build trusted relationships with customers, agencies, bank and business partners to become the nation’s preferred insurance company.
High-resilience cloud app to help NZ power co. withstand major storm or earthquake.


New Zealand electrical contractor and power distribution company, Northpower, wanted an out of band, sure-fire method for receiving and sending client service requests to their cloud based dispatch solution — especially during major storm events when outages on network communications could interrupt integration between clients and service provider. In 2015, they used Microsoft Azure, to create a business-to-business application in the cloud that connects client fault centres to Northpower Dispatch services. Using Azure App Services, it took just 400 hours to create and costs NZ$10 per day to run. With exceptional resilience, it enables Northpower to keep engineers working even if a major storm takes its own server communications down.
Startup protects nation’s oil and gas pipeline infrastructure with advanced machine learning


OneBridge SaaS solutions are designed to transform the integrity of assets, safety, and public awareness practices in the oil and gas pipeline industry. OneBridge uses machine learning and other data science technologies to store, manipulate, and analyze the big data sets required to operate pipeline networks at scale.
School district catapults one-to-one learning to next level with automated data sync

Riverview School District

The Riverview School District in western Washington is moving toward a one-to-one learning environment in its middle and high school classes where each student has their own device. The district realized it needed a reliable, cost-effective way to sync student data with its educational software. The district partnered with AssistX Education to deploy Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) for the Microsoft Classroom and AssistX ClassPolicy solutions. With SDS, the district has reduced its IT burden and increased the time teachers can focus on students by easing administration.
Startup offers predictive analytics to industries using scalable cloud platform

Elements Analytics

Based in San Francisco, Element Analytics is an industrial analytics software company. Its product, the Element Platform, rapidly readies industrial data for analytics and creates predictive models that surface actionable insights. Using these insights, industrial organizations can make data-guided decisions for more streamlined operations with greater productivity.
NewOrbit takes flight with Azure DocumentDB


  Figure 1. Overview of the architecture for the NewOrbit car-mileage application
Stetson University harnesses Power BI to democratize data-driven decision-making

Stetson University

Business intelligence is reshaping how faculty and staff make decisions at Stetson University. Digital transformation, enabled through the institution’s use of Microsoft Power BI, is redefining the university’s approach to optimizing student outcomes by empowering faculty, staff, and administrators to leverage data-driven insights. Stetson’s move from relying on inherited wisdom and intuition to user-friendly, real-time dashboards has led university stakeholders to debunk several myths around the institution’s retention rates, academic programs, and resource allocations and begin to uncover what really drives student success.
Middle East’s leading airline soars ahead with completely rebuilt online channel

Gulf Air

Founded in 1950, national carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain Gulf Air has just achieved a 100% refresh of its main online presence. The aim: remove the remaining drawbacks of its existing, older tech site, but also secure the basis of a long-term, future-proofed system that is fully responsive and cross-device compatible. Both aims have been emphatically achieved, says an organization dedicated to peerless customer service - across any channel its customers want to use.
Canadian federal Crown Corporation taps open source and Microsoft Azure to power digital platform

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Canadian federal Crown Corporation International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is leveraging open source technologies running on Azure to deliver an enhanced website experience for researchers around the world, providing them fast access to optimized content – ensuring they can easily find valuable information from any device or global location. Since migrating to open source software on Microsoft Cloud, IDRC’s team is not only able to take full control of its content and digital delivery, but will save CAD$500,000 in maintenance and CAD$50,000 on annual licensing fees over the next five years.
Sulekha uses Azure DocumentDB to connect customers and businesses across India  


  Figure 1. Overview of Sulekha’s infrastructure with Microsoft Azure

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