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Azure Operator Insights

Remove data silos and deliver business insights from massive datasets

Manage your network intelligently

Azure Operator Insights provides unified visibility into data from disaggregated networks for end-to-end analytical and business insights. Realise business value with operations powered by AI and machine learning (ML) and built on trust with carrier-grade scalability and reliability.

Built-for-carrier ingestion scenarios to ingest data from on premises into Azure at scale

Carrier-grade big data storage using Azure Data Lake for high performance and cost optimisation

Interoperability with Azure Data Explorer and Azure Databricks for data analytics

Data visualisation using Azure Data Explorer dashboards or Power BI

Understand the health of your network

Easily ingest and organise all your on-premises raw network data to provide actionable business insights through open and standard formats such as Delta Lake and Parquet. Reduce engineering total cost of ownership (TCO) through easy-to-configure operator-specific ingestion and transformation pipelines.

Deliver innovative customer experiences

Understand and transform your customer experiences with fast analytical insights. Enable correlation across network datasets to understand specific end-to-end customer experiences, performance patterns, and trends. Use customer insights to create billing plans that improve customer satisfaction and increase profit margin.

Observe datasets with high-level and granular views

Using the standard APIs and open format of Azure Operator Insights, access tools such as Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Databricks to explore all network datasets at varying levels of granularity. Observe a high-level view of the network and drill down deep to a network device at a specific time to understand how the device's performance impacts a customer's end-to-end experience for better business insights.

Enrich insights with AI and machine learning

Leverage operator-specific AI and ML models to detect anomalies or tune performance. Experiment with retraining the models using data specific to your network to further understand and optimise network performance. Quickly train and deploy models for rapid testing and network adjustments in order to improve customer experience.

Securely manage, govern, and share data

Easily discover data and share it effectively across your organisation without costly duplication of the datasets. Securely manage access to ensure that only authorised users have the right access to the right datasets.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Azure Operator Insights pricing

Pricing will not be published during public preview. For questions about pricing, contact your account representative.

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