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Azure Storage Table Design Guide

Udgivet den 7 april, 2015

Program Manager, Azure Storage
We are pleased to announce the release of the Azure Storage Table Design Guide. This guide has been developed based on real-world experience helping the largest storage users in the world design their applications to use Table Storage. The guide includes:
  • Table storage overview and design principles
  • Key considerations for querying and data modification
  • Modeling relationships
  • Table design patterns – including Intra-partition secondary indexes, Inter-partition secondary indexes, Eventually consistent transactions, Index entities, Denormalization and many more
  • Anti-patterns – including prepend / append and log data anti-patterns
  • Implementation considerations
  The guide is a must read for anyone developing cloud scale applications with Azure Table Storage. The guide targets intermediate and advanced users. For anyone new to Table storage we recommend you first read Get started with Azure Storage in 5 minutes and / or  Get started with Table storage. As always, if you have questions/suggestions, please leave a reply! Enjoy!