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8월 2015

8 20

Event Hubs available in North Central US

Event Hubs is available in every public Azure region in the world.

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8 18

Event Hubs learning path published

A new learning path for Azure Event Hubs has been published.

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7월 2015

7 14

Event Hubs supports AMQP over Web Sockets

Event Hubs supports AMQP over Web Sockets to provide expanded connectivity for protocol-constrained networks.

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10월 2014

10 28

General Availability: Azure Event Hubs

지금 이용 가능

As the onramp for stream processing in the cloud, Event Hubs enables publish-subscribe data distribution in a flexible platform-as-as-service (PaaS) model that can scale with your needs and provide a durable buffer between event publishers and event consumers.

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10 27

General availability of hyper-scale event ingestion with Azure Event Hubs

지금 이용 가능

Azure Event Hubs are a real-time highly scalable and fully managed data stream ingestion service.

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7월 2014

7 14

Event Hubs in public preview

미리 보기

Azure Event Hubs helps solve data flow challenges where you want to ingest, persist, and process millions of events per second.

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