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    Blockchain Customer Support Number greeting

    Blockchain support number Getting good support from the customer care executive is essential to optimize the user experience. The blockchain wallet has a customer service that is accessible to the users via email.Visit:-

    Sponsorship Offers

    The process of signing up for Sponsorship offers are entirely too confusing: Aside from dropping the user off a cliff after each step with no road sign as to the next step (e.g., where is the link from the previous step to this website? Why doesn’t the system just fire out an email directing us there?), is the whole process is rife with confusing terminology. A simple infographic representing the 4 steps and terms with each step (and LINKING to the right websites) would end headaches for support, us, and everyone else trying to do this.

    Let EventHub REST api for batch event sending take "Body" as a json object instead of just a string.

    The two options for batch sending right now are to use the managed client or the REST apis. The managed client lets you just slam in a bytesegment created on a buffer that holds valid json, but then you have to manually set name/value pairs in the Properties collection for any items that you want set in that collection. The REST api lets you just provide the whole UserProperties collection as a single json object, but then requires that you escape all your json to put it in the "Body" field as a string. If I've already got the ability to produce json bytes, let me use that capability directly for both UserProperties and Body. Don't make me choose one or the other. I don't care if the field has to actually have a different name for back compat purposes, I just don't want to have to take my existing json blobs and escape them to put them in the body, or have to take other json objects and deserialize them, then iterate over them to put them in UserProperties (which I would need to do if I used the managed EH client).

    Manually assign VMs to Reserved Instance reservation

    To be able to manually assign VMs to RI will guarantee that the paying business unit or VM owner will get the discount benefit.

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