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    Amount debited when Free Credit limit was available - Product bug

    Created new Free subscription and it had $200 credit. Later upgraded it to "Pay as you go" as Free subscription have quota limits and it clearly says "Amount will be charged to payment method when used over and above Free Credit limit of $200".I disabled my subscription when it had $90 Credit and within 30 days which is before Trial period.Still my card was debited by $10 after 15 days (invoiced generated), why?I thanks to Microsoft support team as they reviewed and refunded amount. Want to know why payment was charged when Free credit was available?

    Mountain Mike's Pizza

    Add partition fix for external table in Azure syanpase

    Currently there is no option to create external table on main entity as it does not support partitioning. Please let usknow when fix will be available for synapse

    allow UDR on Bastion subnet

    Please allow to add UDR on Bastion subnet. Hub-spoke peerings often involve an NVA in the path. If UDR on Bastion subnet is not allowed then it is difficult for us to plan our routing.

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