Azure Application Architecture Guide


The Azure Application Architecture Guide will guide you through architecture styles for cloud applications, technology choices, design principles, the five pillars of software quality, and cloud design patterns.

Lead Content Developer, AzureCAT patterns & practices

#AzureSQLDW cost savings with Autoscaler – part 2


Azure SQL Data Warehouse is Microsoft’s SQL analytics platform, the backbone of your Enterprise Data Warehouse. This post discusses Autoscaler, a set of Azure Functions that have been provided by the Microsoft Education Data Services team to optimize costs with scaling and SQL Data Warehouse Optimized for Elasticity.

Program Manager, Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Deployment strategies defined


In the world of Devops practices and Cloud Native Infrastructure, the concept of deployments has evolved from an uninteresting implementation detail, to a fundamental element for modern systems.

Cloud Solutions Architect

Run your PySpark Interactive Query and batch job in Visual Studio Code


We are excited to introduce the integration of HDInsight PySpark into Visual Studio Code (VSCode), which allows developers to easily edit Python scripts and submit PySpark statements to HDInsight clusters. This interactivity brings the best properties of Python and Spark to developers and empowers you to gain faster insights.

Principal Program Manager, Big Data Team