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Need to estimate your DocumentDB throughput requirements? New calculator available

Azure DocumentDB has launched a new web based tool to help estimate request unit (throughput) requirements for typical application operations.

DocumentDB is a blazing fast, planet scale NoSQL database service for highly available, globally distributed apps. With the DocumentDB pricing changes and scaling options announced at //Build 2016, we're seeing many customers take advantage of the ability to purchase and scale their reserved throughput independent from their storage. This enables customers to pay for only what they need and scale storage and throughput when they need it. To help customers fine tune their throughput estimations, we've launched a new web based tool to help estimate the request unit requirements for typical operations, including:

  • Document creates (writes)
  • Document reads
  • Document deletes

The tool uses your sample documents and throughput requirements to calculate an estimate of how many request units will be needed to satisfy your application's needs. Because request charges vary with the size and shape (number of indexed properties) of your JSON documents, the tool supports multiple sample documents.

For full details on how to use the tool, see the Request Units in DocumentDB article. In addition, we'll keep improving this tool to help you accurately and effectively estimate your application's provisioned resource needs.

To learn more about DocumentDB, visit the DocumentDB product page. If you need any help or have questions or feedback, please reach out to us on the developer forums on Stack Overflow.

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