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Eric Boyd

Eric Boyd

Corporate Vice President, Azure AI Platform, Microsoft

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Introducing GPT-4o: OpenAI’s new flagship multimodal model now in preview on Azure 

Microsoft is thrilled to announce the launch of GPT-4o, OpenAI’s new flagship model on Azure AI. This groundbreaking multimodal model integrates text, vision, and audio capabilities, setting a new standard for generative and conversational AI experiences.

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Published • 4 min read

Announcing updates to Azure AI Search to help organizations build and scale generative AI applications 

Today, we are announcing that Azure AI Search, a modern retrieval system for AI applications, now has drastically larger vector capacity and compute without any increase in price, so customers can run RAG at any scale, at a lower cost.

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Microsoft and Mistral AI announce new partnership to accelerate AI innovation and introduce Mistral Large first on Azure 

Today, we are announcing a multi-year partnership between Microsoft and Mistral AI. We are fueled by a steadfast dedication to innovation and practical applications, bridging the gap between pioneering research and real-world solutions.

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Published • 4 min read

How H&R Block is using Azure OpenAI Service to bring ease to American taxpayers this season 

Today, thousands of organizations around the world are using Azure OpenAI service to drive meaningful business impact for people and society. We are seeing increased usage from AI-first startups like DeepBrain, Perplexity, and SymphonyAI, as well as the world’s biggest companies.

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Mercedes-Benz enhances drivers’ experience with Azure OpenAI Service  

Mercedes-Benz announced they are integrating ChatGPT via Azure OpenAI Service to transform the in-car experience for drivers. Starting June 16, drivers in the U.S. can opt into a beta program that makes the MBUX Voice Assistant’s “Hey Mercedes” feature even more intuitive and conversational.

Published • 5 min read

La disponibilidad general de Azure OpenAI Service amplía el acceso a modelos de inteligencia artificial avanzados de gran tamaño y ofrece más ventajas a las empresas 

Con Azure OpenAI Service, que ya está disponible con carácter general, más empresas pueden solicitar acceso a los modelos de inteligencia artificial más avanzados del mundo (incluidos GPT-3.5, Codex y DALL•E 2), con el respaldo de la funcionalidad de nivel empresarial y la infraestructura optimizada para IA de confianza de Microsoft Azure, para crear aplicaciones vanguardistas.

Meta selects Azure as strategic cloud provider to advance AI innovation and deepen PyTorch collaboration 

Microsoft is committed to the responsible advancement of AI to enable every person and organization to achieve more. Over the last few months, we have talked about advancements in our Azure infrastructure, Cognitive Services, and Azure Machine Learning to make Azure better at supporting the AI needs of all our customers, regardless of their scale.

Published • 1 min read

4 reasons to attend the Put Responsible AI into Practice Azure digital event 

AI is transforming business and the world. However, AI models learn from the data. Biases that exist in society will exist in the models. Human judgment must be the overriding factor, ensuring that AI models benefit and are inclusive of everyone. Equally important, AI must inspire trust in customers that their data is being used appropriately. These are key reasons that responsible approaches to AI are so critical, and you can learn how to put responsible AI into practice.