Mainframe migration

Bring your mission-critical mainframe applications to the most agile cloud platform available, run them securely around the world, and reduce your infrastructure costs. By following a smart mainframe-migration strategy, you’ll achieve reliability, agility, and scalability—and maximize your business potential.

"Our customers will be able to run existing enterprise workloads without modifications at a fraction of their current operating costs."

Mark Cresswell, CEO, LzLabs

Run legacy mainframe applications with modern agility

Business often moves faster than legacy applications can follow, making it harder for you to adapt to shifting market trends. Running mainframe applications on Azure combines modern means and familiar ways, so you can modernize without abandoning the applications you rely on. You’ll rapidly address your customer needs, at scale, without sacrificing functionality, security, or compliance.

"COBOL … was not built with cloud computing, the internet of things, and dev ops in mind. All of this equates to a perfect storm where today’s business needs can no longer be solved by yesterday’s technologies."

Didier Durand, VP of Product Management, LzLabs

Spend less, and make room to grow

What opportunities could you take if a big annual bill were suddenly cut in half, or if you found new space in your buildings? Mainframe migrations deliver cost savings up to 80%, freeing up funding for other modernization projects that support your organization's digital-transformation goals for application performance and cost management.

"We estimate that we will reduce our overall costs by about 35 percent—in lower server-acquisition costs; lower power, cooling, and real-estate costs; lower software-licensing costs; more efficient use of storage; and management efficiencies."

Shaun Phillips, General Manager of Information Technology, Europcar

Connect specialized skillsets to future potential

Maintaining mainframe applications that require specialized skillsets is risky and expensive. Many of these skills are retiring from the workforce, and once those skills are gone, they’re gone for good. Migrating your organization’s mainframe applications to Azure reduces its dependence on an increasingly rare skillset, while adding speed and scale for the future.

Start your mainframe migration with a trusted partner

Move your legacy application to Azure with a partner who specializes in mainframe-migration services.

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