App Service: Enterprise ready

Develop, test, and run your web apps in an enterprise-class cloud service. Build apps using your favorite language (.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js) and deploy them to a platform that scales automatically. Turn over platform chores like availability, maintenance, and patching, so you can spend more time building world-class apps.

Updated for your enterprise

New features make building enterprise-grade cloud apps even easier.


Migration Assistant

VPN support

CDN support

Authentication and authorization made easy

Backup / Restore

Corporate web apps

Deploy your site to our datacenters worldwide for superior speed and response times. Use Autoscale to automatically align your costs with your traffic.

Enterprise web apps

Cater to employees and partners with Active Directory and private network connections. Use the tools you know—Visual Studio, TFS, and Git. Our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) platform makes development work easy.

Digital marketing

Embed OAUTH right in your code and integrate Facebook and Twitter. Advanced diagnostic and monitoring tools help you course correct if you need to, and Traffic Manager distributes your code to datacenters around the world, wherever your customers are.