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Azure Data Box for offline data transfer

Move bulk data to Azure quickly and cost-effectively. Data Box offline data transfer products help you move data to Azure when busy networks aren’t an option.

Azure Data Box for offline data transfer

Easily move terabytes to petabytes of data to the cloud

Use Data Box offline data transfer products to move large amounts of data to Azure when you’re limited by time, network availability, or costs. Move your data to Azure using common copy tools such as Robocopy. All data is AES-encrypted, and the devices are wiped clean after upload in accordance with NIST Special Publication 800-88 revision 1 standards.

Data Box

Data Box

100 TB
total capacity per order

Data Box Disk

Data Box Disk PREVIEW

40 TB
total capacity per order

Data Box Heavy

Data Box Heavy PREVIEW

1 PB
total capacity per order

Use cases

Data Box offline data transfer devices provide solutions for a variety of use cases. Here are some of the ways Data Box helps you move data to the cloud.


Azure is an excellent alternative for your off-site backup data, providing a scalable and cost-efficient platform.


Archiving data for compliance is an important part of an IT manager’s role. The multiple tiers in Azure maximize flexibility for archive data.

Big data

Analytics is the key to extracting value from big data. Azure has the tools you need to get the most from your data.

Media and entertainment

Media libraries are large and constantly growing. Move them to Azure to create and expand your cloud-based media library.

What our customers are saying

Data Box helped Oceaneering move underwater inspection data from ship to Azure in record time

"Thanks to Azure Data Box, data that used to take seven months to get to the customer now takes about a week."
Mark Stevens, Digital Innovation Director, Oceaneering

Data Box Disk met LG’s autonomous vehicle program requirements, including portability, security, and fast turnaround time

"We needed a way to transfer massive amounts of data for our autonomous vehicle projects, which are based all around the world. The solution needed to be portable, simple to use, cost-effective, and, of course, very secure. Azure Data Box Disk met all of those criteria."
Hyoyuel (Andy) Kim, Senior Manager, Vehicle Component Company, LG Electronics

UCF met its goal of reducing physical infrastructure by using Data Box to move technology to the cloud

"We uploaded, copied, and synced our data management with Commvault using Azure Data Box in a third of the time it would have taken without it—and we avoided risks to network performance or sensitive information."
Brian Blum, Senior Systems Administrator, University of Central Florida

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