Azure Resource Mover

Simplify how you move multiple resources between Azure regions

Seamlessly move your resources to the Azure region that works for you

Take advantage of Azure global infrastructure capabilities and seamlessly move your resources to the region that best suits your needs. Take fewer steps in planning to accelerate your move while increasing your confidence that your resources are secure.

Perform dependency analysis on your resources

Ability to move into zone configuration for added resiliency

Single pane of glass experience for your move

Ability to control move commitment and execution

Optimize your workload

Move your workload to the region that best meets your compliance, performance, resiliency, or capability needs. As Azure global infrastructure continues to expand into new regions and Availability Zones, take advantage of new region launches to be closer to customers, comply with data residency requirements, and increase resiliency for applications.

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Plan with ease

Streamline the processes for identifying your Azure resources and analyzing the dependencies needed to plan your migration. Plan and test as many times as you need while enjoying a unified experience across all Azure resources.

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Orchestrate seamlessly

Effectively replicate Azure resources, configuration, and data in days or weeks, not weeks or months. As you prepare to move, save time by taking fewer steps and syncing data. Move multiple resources simultaneously through a single pane of glass and following a consistent experience.

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Move with confidence

Rest easy that your resources are not only ready to move and secure, but intact at the source just in case. Move your workloads within an encrypted Azure environment, enable test runs to confirm migration and testing, and automate rollback between final migration and committing after testing.

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Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

  • Microsoft invests more than USD 1 billion annually on cybersecurity research and development.

  • We employ more than 3,500 security experts completely dedicated to your data security and privacy.

  • Azure has more compliance certifications than any other cloud provider. View the comprehensive list.

Azure Resource Mover Pricing

Azure Resource Mover is available with your Azure subscription. However you may incur charges when moving between regions.

Frequently asked questions about Azure Resource Mover

  • You can currently move the following Azure resources:

    • Virtual Machine and associated disks
    • Network Interface card (NIC)
    • Availability sets
    • Virtual Network
    • Public IP
    • Network Security Group (NSG)
    • Internal Load balancer
    • Public Load balancer
    • SQL Databases
    • Elastic pools
    • Resource groups
  • The service supports moving from any public region to any public Azure region.
  • Yes, you can move multiple resources together in a single move. Depending on how much data each resource has, time taken to move different resources might vary.
  • Azure Resource Mover consolidates the planning and move activities for your Azure resources into one tool managed by a single pane of glass. Historically, each Azure Resource had its own migration methodology, each requiring execution on a one-off basis. Azure Resource Mover greatly reduces the effort, time, and risk of error for your move.
  • Yes, Availability Zones are supported—depending on the target region support.
  • Azure Resource Mover moves resources between Azure public regions, not from on-premises environments to Azure. However, Azure Migrate provides a central hub for assessment and migration and moves resources from on-premises environments to Azure.
  • The tool allows you to perform as many test migrations as you would like, so you have ample time to test and validate your migration. On your final migration, rollback is automated until your final commit. Even after committing, your original resources remain intact in case you need them, until you decide to delete them.

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