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Azure Fluid Relay

Easily add real-time collaborative experiences to your apps with Fluid Framework

Build, manage, and scale Fluid collaboration solutions

Transform how you build real-time collaboration into apps using Fluid Relay. Take advantage of Fluid Framework capabilities, like seamless coauthoring and data synchronization, in your apps.

Built-in Fluid server functionality

Provision and manage your Fluid collaboration experiences easily.

Cloud-native Azure storage and hosting capabilities

Build secure, reliable, low-latency experiences.

Scalability built in

Your infrastructure stays in step with demand from your users.

Secure and compliant

Design your collaboration solution to meet business, legal, and regulatory requirements.

Build collaborative experiences without writing a single line of server code

Fluid Relay eliminates the need for you to build your own Fluid servers, which reduces the time and effort required to create powerful, scalable, real-time collaboration experiences.

Meet your business and data residency requirements

Fluid Relay provides the flexibility you need to meet the needs of a changing global workforce, offering a dynamic, scalable service that can adapt to a variety of needs and requirements.

Manage seamless coauthoring and data synchronization services for your app’s users

When we built Fluid Relay, we optimized it for use with our Fluid Framework, an open-source collection of client libraries for building low-latency, collaborative experiences.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Fluid Relay preview is free

There are no charges for the use of Fluid Relay during the preview. Pricing will be announced before the end of the preview period. If you continue to use Fluid Relay after the preview period, you’ll be billed at the applicable rate.

Frequently asked questions about Fluid Relay

  • When we're ready to move Fluid Relay out of Public Preview, we'll share pricing details in advance of a formal General Availability announcement.
  • When Fluid Relay is Generally Available, we will offer a formal SLA. However, during the current Public Preview period, we offer best-effort service, as we may introduce updates and/or changes to the product.

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