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Kubernetes: Up and Running, Second Edition

Improve the agility, reliability, and efficiency of your distributed systems by using Kubernetes. Get the practical Kubernetes deployment skills you need in this O’Reilly e-book. You’ll learn how to:Develop and deploy real-world applications.Create and run a simple cluster.Integrate storage into containerized microservices.Use Kubernetes concepts and specialized objects like DaemonSet jobs, ConfigMaps, and secrets. Learn how to use tools and APIs to automate scalable distributed systems for online services, machine learning applications, or even a cluster of Raspberry Pi computers. 

Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches

More than 100 Azure services offer everything you need to build and run your applications with all the performance, redundancy, security, and scale that the cloud has to offer. But knowing where to begin with all these services can seem overwhelming. Read this e-book to build your cloud computing skills quickly and efficiently. You’ll be productive immediately, and when you finish, you’ll be well on your way to Azure mastery. Learn Azure in a Month of Lunches breaks down the most important Azure concepts into bite-sized lessons with exercises and labs—along with project files available in GitHub—to reinforce your skills. Learn how to:Use core Azure infrastructure and platform services—including how to choose which service for which task.Plan appropriately for availability, scale, and security while considering cost and performance.Integrate key technologies, including containers and Kubernetes, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and the Internet of Things. 

Manage your network more effectively with the Azure Networking Cookbook

Configure, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot your network more effectively with networking solutions from Azure. Get hands-on guidance to using Azure networking services in this free Azure Networking Cookbook from Packt. The e-book features step-by-step information on how to:Create and work on hybrid connections.Configure and manage Azure network services.Design high availability network solutions.Monitor and troubleshoot network resources.Connect local networks to virtual networks. The e-book includes a link to an example code bundle on GitHub to help you learn. 

Making PCI compliance easier with Azure SQL Database

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is designed to prevent fraud using credit card information through increased controls around credit card data. Obtaining PCI DSS compliance is a requirement for all organizations that accept credit card payments, process credit card transactions or transmit or store credit card data. For organizations that have their own data centers, it can be a time consuming and costly process to become PCI compliant. Many organizations are not able to take on the responsibility of building a PCI-compliant environment and handle the daily responsibilities that come with being PCI compliant. Migrating to or building those environments in Microsoft Azure can drastically reduce the PCI-compliance responsibility that an organization must bear. The intent of this paper is to showcase how much easier PCI DSS compliance is to achieve when customers take advantage of Azure SQL Database.

Effective DevOps—Building a DevOps Culture at Scale

DevOps enables organizations to deliver software faster and more reliably. But to get the desired results, it’s important to know that there’s more to building an effective DevOps practice than learning new methodologies and technologies. Culture is the key to a successful DevOps transformation. Download Effective DevOps from O’Reilly to find out how to build a strong and sustainable DevOps culture within your organization. Read the e-book to learn:The foundations and central four pillars of effective DevOps.Tips for fostering collaboration, strong interpersonal relationships, and affinity between teams. How to select tools and workflows that support and strengthen your organization’s unique DevOps culture.How to troubleshoot common problems and misunderstandings.How successful organizations have handled their DevOps journeys. 

IoT Signals Report

The goal of the IoT Signals report is to better serve our partners and customers, as well as help business leaders develop their own IoT strategies. Microsoft commissioned Hypothesis Group, an insights, design, and strategy agency, to execute the IoT Signals research. A 20-minute online survey was conducted with over 3,000 decision makers at enterprise companies across the US, UK, Germany, France, China, and Japan who were currently involved in IoT. The research included business decision makers (BDMs), IT decision makers (ITDMs), and developers from a range of industries such as manufacturing, retail/wholesale, government, transportation, healthcare, and more.

SQL Server on RHEL Azure VMs Operations Guide

An operations guide for deploying SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Azure Virtual Machines

Visual Effects and Animation Rendering in Azure

Rending video for movies, high-end commercials and other effects-heavy productions require both flexibility and scalability to an infrastructure. Fortunately, the cloud has made pay-as-you-need-it render nodes a reality. In this white paper, we explore how to set up rendering workloads in Azure. You’ll learn how to: Build a hybrid rendering environment that takes advantage of existing NAS resources while leveraging Azure for peak production periods.Control costs.Leverage the cloud for collaboration. Confidently protect your assets. Optimize and adjust your cloud services and resources.   

Azure data Factory –DevOps

Continuous deployment of ADF to different environments such as DEV,QA, Prod leverage Azure DevOps.