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Move your sensitive data to Azure securely

Published: 4/5/2020

Data encryption is the most powerful tool that helps secure and prevent compromise of your data. For financial institutions (FI) that routinely deal with large volumes of highly confidential (financial records, trade records) , confidential (PII, IP, regulatory requirements), sensitive (emails, docs) and public (unrestricted) data security is of utmost importance.  

Moving to Azure or using hybrid platform means you need to be sure that your data is secure during cloud migration and once it is in Azure cloud. Protecting data in transit, at rest and in use should be an essential part of your data protection strategy as data could be exposed to risks in all stages. With constantly evolving economy, FIs are even more data-driven and data security is most instrumental for them. Today, FIs in Banking and Capital markets and Insurance trust Azure platform to secure their sensitive data. Azure provides you right set of controls and tools, and helps you secure the data in all the stages – in transit, at rest and in use.