Microsoft Azure infographics

These technical infographics are excellent for learning and training. Zoom into details, download, or print (26 x 39 in./66.04 x 99.06 cm).

Explore solution architectures to get guidance on designing and implementing secure, highly-available, performant and resilient solutions on Azure.

Microsoft Azure
Provides an overview of Azure features, services, and common uses.
Cloud identity and access management
Visual reference for understanding the core identity services in Azure.
Cloud security
An overview of security, privacy, and compliance in Azure.
API Management
Summarizes how to publish APIs to partners, employees, and 3rd party developers securely and at scale.
SharePoint with SQL Server AlwaysOn
Using Infrastructure Services to set up a high-availability deployment of a SharePoint farm with SQL Server configured for AlwaysOn.
Building real-world cloud apps
A patterns-based approach to building real-world cloud solutions.
Scaling applications using Cloud Services
Scaling an application using Cloud Services, including designing, deploying, and tuning.
Mobile gaming
Describes the features for gaming, including data, computing, authentication, and media.
Cloud Design Patterns
Depicts common problems in designing cloud-hosted applications and design patterns that offer guidance.
SQL Server 2016
Overview of SQL Server 2016 features: on-premises, in the cloud, and in between. See how your current skills and knowledge of SQL Server help you transition to SQL Server on virtual machines in Microsoft Azure, as well as to Azure SQL Database.
Enterprise Mobility
See how the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility solution integrates with your environment, that is, your users and your on-premises infrastructure. See the key capabilities of each pillar of the solution: identity, devices, apps, and data.