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Demystifying mainframe to Azure migration white paper

Published: 2/2/2021

Organizations relying on mainframe systems face an increasing urgency to transition workloads to the cloud. Faced with a rapidly shrinking talent pool of mainframe expertise amid escalating costs, organizations stand to save substantial expenditures—if they can migrate equivalent functionality to Microsoft Azure.

Migrating legacy mainframe deployments that stretch back decades is a daunting task and many companies don’t know where to start. Mainframe systems remain deeply entrenched across many organizations, thanks in part to an almost mythical aura spawned from their use in Cold War missile deployments and the Apollo moon landing or portrayal in cult movie classics.

Taking the myth out of the equation goes a long way to getting started. Think of it as a prerequisite. And knowing which systems are most easily migrated is the first step. This paper covers the major IBM z/OS mainframe components alongside their Azure equivalents and is designed to help mainframe customers complete this critical first step.