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Build your first intelligent app with a guide from O’Reilly

Published: 12/18/2019

Learn in detail how to create apps, websites, and bots that communicate more naturally with the people who use them—regardless of your data science expertise. 

In Building Intelligent Apps with Cognitive APIs, an in-depth e-book from O’Reilly, get a close look at what’s behind apps that see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret people’s needs.
  • See how pre-built, ready-to-use APIs help you get started in minutes.
  • Explore a range of use cases to see how other developers deploy cognitive APIs.
  • Start calling APIs for your own project with ready-to-use C# code snippets. 

Whatever you’ve dreamt of building with AI, bring it to life with Azure Cognitive Services and the guidance in this e-book. 


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