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Data Science Virtual Machines

Rich pre-configured environment for AI development

Pre-Configured virtual machines in the cloud for Data Science and AI Development

DSVMs are Azure Virtual Machine images, pre-installed, configured and tested with several popular tools that are commonly used for data analytics, machine learning and AI training.

End-to-End Data Science Workflow using Data Science Virtual Machines

Data Science Virtual Machine Workflow Graphic

Analytics desktop in the cloud

Consistent setup across team, promote sharing and collaboration, Azure scale and management, Near-Zero Setup, full cloud-based desktop for data science.

Data science training and education

Quick, Low friction startup for one to many classroom scenarios and online courses.

On-demand elastic capacity

Ability to run analytics on all Azure hardware configurations with vertical and horizontal scaling. Pay only for what you use, when you use it.

Deep Learning with GPUs

Readily available GPU clusters with Deep Learning tools already pre-configured.

Examples and Templates to get started

Examples, templates and sample notebooks built or tested by Microsoft are provided on the VMs to enable easy onboarding to the various tools and capabilities such as Neural Networks (PYTorch, Tensorflow, etc.), Data Wrangling, R, Python, Julia, and SQL Server.

Integrated with Azure Machine Learning

Use the pre-installed AzureML SDK and CLI to submit distributed training jobs to scalable AzureML Compute Clusters, track experiments, deploy models, and build repeatable workflows with AzureML pipelines. In addition, the Data Science VM can be used as a compute target for training runs and AzureML pipelines.

DSVM editions

Data Science Virtual Machine - Windows

Exploration, analysis, modeling, and development tools for data science

Software plans start at


Data Science Virtual Machine - Ubuntu

Virtual machine with deep learning frameworks and tools for machine learning and data science

Software plans start at


What's included

Anaconda Python
Jupyter Notebooks
Apache Spark
Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
Visual Studio
Microsoft Excel
Power BI
SQL Server

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