Mobile Services pricing

Azure Mobile Services provides a scalable cloud backend for building Windows Store, Windows Phone, Apple iOS, Android, and HTML/JavaScript applications. Store data in the cloud, authenticate users, and send push notifications to your application within minutes.

Mobile Services is becoming Mobile Apps in Azure App Service. Find App Service pricing here. Learn more about App Service here. Existing Mobile Services customers will continue to be charged Mobile Services rates below until they switch over to the new Mobile Apps in Azure App Service.

Azure Mobile Services is offered in three tiers: Free, Basic and Standard.

Price 2 Free
(up to 10 services / month);
$- / month
per unit
$- / month
per unit
API Calls 2 500 K 1.5 M / unit 15 M / unit
Active Devices 3 500 Unlimited Unlimited
Scale N/A Up to 6 units Unlimited units
Push Notifications Notification Hubs Free Tier included,
up to 1 M pushes
Notification Hubs Basic Tier included,
up to 10 M pushes
Notification Hubs Standard Tier included,
up to 10 M pushes
Real time messaging & Web Sockets Limited 350 / mobile service Unlimited
Offline synchronizations Limited Included Included
Scheduled jobs 4 Limited Included Included
SQL Database 5
20 MB included,
Standard rates apply for additional capacity
20 MB included,
Standard rates apply for additional capacity
20 MB included,
Standard rates apply for additional capacity
CPU capacity 60 minutes / day Unlimited Unlimited
Outbound data transfer 165 MB per day (daily Rollover)* Included Included
1 Quotas for the Mobile Services Free tier apply at the subscription level.
2 Billing and the quotas for API calls are prorated daily.
3 Active devices refers to the daily number of physical devices and emulators that make at least one call to or receive a push notification from your mobile service.
4 For the scheduled jobs feature, the Free tier is limited to one job and one execution per hour. Basic and Standard tiers include 50k and 500k job executions, respectively, and can accommodate up to 10 jobs.
5 One 20MB Azure SQL Database is available per subscription for the first twelve months of use; standard rates apply thereafter.
* Learn more about daily Rollover here

Use Terms

Nonuse or inactivity. We reserve the right to suspend service for nonuse or inactivity in the Mobile Services Free tier as well as in the corresponding 20MB SQL Database. Nonuse or inactivity is established when no administrative action or end-user access is observed for more than 90 days. Additionally, we may use other reasonable criteria at our discretion from time to time and will provide at least a 30-days’ notice before suspending service.

Outbound Data Transfers. Cumulative outgoing data transfers over a rolling 30-day period are limited as follows: 5 GB for the Free tier, 50 GB for the Basic tier and 500 GB for the Standard tier.

Support & SLA

  • We provide technical support for all Azure services released to General Availability, including Mobile Services, through Azure Support, starting at $29/month. Billing and subscription management support is provided at no cost.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): We guarantee 99.9% availability of REST API calls to all provisioned Azure Mobile Services running in Basic and Standard tiers in a customer subscription. No SLA is provided for the Free tier of Mobile Services. To learn more about our SLA, please visit the SLA page.


  • You can choose to upgrade at any time via the Microsoft Azure classic portal. Upgrade takes effect immediately.

  • For Basic and Standard, you can increase the number of units dedicated to a given service via the Scale tab in the Microsoft Azure classic portal. Alternatively, upgrading to a higher tier will also add capacity.

  • Active devices for a given mobile service are uniquely identified by their installation ID. For a physical device, the installation ID is typically persistent unless the app is uninstalled by the user. For device emulators, the emulator implementation controls whether the same or a new installation ID is reported each time the application is launched.


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