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Insight & Analytics

Manage IT resources with a simple and unified management experience—across platforms and across clouds

Insight & Analytics is priced per node. A node is any physical server or virtual machine that is managed by the Insight & Analytics service.

Insight & Analytics
Log Analytics Included
Service Map Included
Network Performance Monitor Included
Included daily upload data 500 MB
Included data retention 1 month
Price $- / node / month
  • Price is pro-rated per hour. So the service only bills for the number of hours that a node sends data—approximately $- per hour (31-day month).
  • The included allocation of upload data is pooled across nodes. So for example, if there are 10 nodes connected to the service the total allocation of upload data is 5,000 MB per day. The 5,000 MB is pooled across the 10 nodes such that a particular node could upload greater than 500 MB in a day as long as the total data uploaded across all nodes is less than 5,000 MB in that day.
  • Based on observed usage, most nodes do not cross the daily upload limit.

Additional data and retention

If uploaded data exceeds the included amounts per day, or needs to be stored for longer than a month, overages are charged per the prices below

Overage meter
Additional data uploaded over included daily data $- per GB
Additional retention beyond 1 month $-/GB/month

Support and SLA

  • We provide technical support for all Azure services released to general availability, including Log Analytics, through Azure Support, starting at $29/mo. Billing and subscription management support is provided at no cost.
  • Additional training videos and documentation are also available.
  • The availability of Insight & Analytics is based on the SLA of the underlying log analytics workspace and automation account resources used. Please see the Log Analytics SLA and Automation SLA for more details.


  • On the Operations Management Suite pricing tier you're charged based on the number of nodes. A node is a unique computer name that sends data to Log Analytics. Each hour Log Analytics calculates the number of unique computer names and charges 1/730th of a node. The service counts as a node any device whose name is placed in the Computer field when:

    • Data is posted through the HTTP Data Collector API
    • Read from Azure diagnostics or Azure storage

    For every 1 node there is an allocation of 500 MB of data per day. At the end of each day the number of nodes reported is calculated and multiplied by 500 MB to determine the data allocation for the day. If it exceeds the data allocated, then the amount of data above the allocated data is charged the additional data rate.

  • Insight & Analytics is built on the underlying log analytics platform. You can choose to use the raw log analytics capabilities and pay per GB ingested into the service or switch your workspace to the Insight & Analytics tier and pay per node managed by the service. Insight & Analytics offers a superset of the capabilities offered under Log Analytics.
  • Yes, you can change your pricing tier to upgrade to Insight & Analytics. Once you upgrade to Insight & Analytics you can't go back to the Standard or Premium tier.


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