App Service Regional Details

Service Availability by region will help you determine which services are available within a region. While Azure App Service may be supported in a given region, not all App Service features are available in sovereign clouds, such as Azure Government, Germany, and China. This list details which features and capabilities are unavailable or have limited availability within sovereign clouds.

App Service features not available in sovereign clouds

  • App Service Isolated (formerly known as App Service Environment)
  • Hybrid connections
  • Point to Site VPN (see Azure Roadmap for progress)
  • Third party source control provider support, such as GitHub and BitBucket (Local Git support only)
  • Premium Extensions such as Tinfoil and Z-Ray (PHP Debugging)
  • Integrated Custom Domain and SSL Purchase via GoDaddy
  • Third party Kudu site extensions
  • Support portal for advanced features specific to App Service
  • App Service Advisor
  • Resource Explorer

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