Intel + Azure

Achieve more with a match made for the cloud

Solve your technology challenges while driving down costs. Microsoft and Intel® optimize hardware and software to deliver an agile and efficient cloud-ready platform for business.


"Azure cloud is about solving problems at hyper-scale and delivering disruptive innovation to businesses of all sizes. Intel and Microsoft collaborate to drive down bottom-line costs, increase revenue opportunities for our customers and partners, and leverage advanced technologies to accelerate business growth and differentiation."

Raejeanne Skillern, Vice President Intel Data Center Group and General Manager, Cloud Platform Group

Future-proof your deployments

Stop worrying about on-premises hardware and future needs—we do that for you. Together, Microsoft and Intel plan a years-long, future-looking product roadmap that gives Microsoft early access to Intel innovation and technologies and enables Azure to deliver a breadth of intelligent cloud services. We are continuously innovating based on your needs to deliver a cloud platform that is:

  • Flexible, scalable, and fast for innovation and business growth
  • Cost effective, reliable, and easy to manage
  • Secured and compliant, including automatic backups and redundancy

Bring the latest innovation to your solutions

More speed. More reliability. More intelligence. Together, our engineering teams focus on architecting, collaborating, and delivering an intelligent cloud that helps you get solutions to market faster. Plus, Intel Xeon® processors are available across all Azure Virtual Machines, giving you flexibility in sizing, performance, and cost across any workload.

Intel technologies

Intel Xeon processors for Azure compute and storage

Intel Field-programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)

Intel Silicon Photonics 100G PSM4

Intel Open Source machine learning frameworks and libraries

Intel Clear Linux*

Azure products and solutions

Partners: grow your cloud business

Gain a deeper understanding of customer cloud needs, identify opportunities to be more profitable in the cloud, and get marketing and technical support help to grow your success. The Cloud Solution Provider Program gives partners the building blocks they need to expand their cloud businesses including technical enablement, demand generation funds, and go-to-market incentives. By driving technological advancement, Azure and Intel help you and your customers address business needs and easily adopt cloud services.

Achieve more with Azure and Intel