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Build and grow your SaaS business with Azure

Turn your ideas into profits with a trusted cloud designed for you

Grow Your ISV Business with SaaS—a comprehensive guide to driving new revenue in the forecasted 99.7-billion-dollar growth of the global software as a service (SaaS) business model.

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Jump-start your cloud apps


Outpace the competition and give customers the experiences they want. Migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure to the cloud with solutions for your on-premises and hybrid scenarios.

Access migration resources


Build powerful, intelligent new SaaS apps that shine and engage more customers. Use your favorite open source tools, platforms, languages, and technologies— including Docker, Node.js, and Ubuntu.

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Increase the visibility of your ISV and SaaS business and find the right marketplace to publish and sell apps to more customers—while connecting with new users who want to find, try, and acquire apps.

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Drive new revenue opportunities with advice and strategies on the exploding growth of the global SaaS business model. Find resources and work with marketing experts to better monetize and market your apps.

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Success stories from partners like you

Reach customers around the world with the help of Azure

"With Microsoft Azure, PROS quickly extended the reach of our modern commerce solutions to serve our global customer base across six continents, helping us drive more than 80 percent of our business to the cloud and 31 percent growth in subscription revenue in our first year of cloud transformation."
Andres Reiner, President and CEO, PROS

Learn how Azure and SaaS make cloud computing seamless

"With the shift in cloud computing and software as a service, Azure has been able to create that additional offering to our customers that our competitors typically don't have, and that's the ability to host the software, provide the support, and take that off their hands."
Patrick Boggs, Senior Business Manager, M-Files

Meet your customers’ needs quickly with Azure

"Working with Azure means we can deliver software faster, quickly react to customer demands, and scale solutions when demands increase."
Henry Been, Software Architect, SnelStart

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

Talk to one of our Azure solution specialists and get advice specifically for SaaS providers and partners like you.