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Enabling intelligent retail through Azure IoT

Increase efficiency and win your category with digital solutions that build affinity and empower your organization, end to end. The opportunities for digital transformation with the Internet of Things in retail are endless and exciting. Azure IoT for retail delivers operational excellence, an intelligent supply chain, and more powerful business intelligence to enable your organization, and your people to deliver unforgettable customer experiences that drive affinity, create loyalty, and win your category.


Azure IoT enables your business to get to deployment rapidly with retail-specific application templates, a selection of certified devices, and the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio from device to cloud.


Only Azure IoT brings together the intelligent edge with the intelligent cloud to deliver business value that merges advanced analytics, AI, and new models of interactivity enabled by Mixed Reality.


Microsoft and our partners bring decades of industry experience to bear alongside a robust portfolio of capabilities to secure and manage the Internet of Things, from the edge to the cloud.

Whether you’re looking to implement a retail IoT solution yourself or work with a partner, Microsoft provides the widest variety of platform services for IoT alongside the industry’s largest ecosystem of partners to help you on your way. Learn more in the getting started section below. But if you have questions, you can always contact us.

IoT Signals for Retail research

Microsoft has committed to investing USD 5 billion in IoT research and the intelligent edge—adding new services and features to Azure IoT for industries like retail, driving business strategy and executive leadership discussions to define success in the age of intelligence. Explore key insights from the IoT Signals for Retail report.

Retail use cases

With Azure IoT, there is no limit to the level of retail transformation you can deliver for your business. If you’re ready to get started, here are a few of our growing selection of IoT app templates from retail that are available today. Enrich your offerings by integrating with other industry technologies and partner solutions while keeping your data and brand in your control.

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Increase store efficiency and customer satisfaction to deliver growth and reduce operating costs. Leverage AI to deliver personalized products based on customer demographics, stock the right products in the right places, and give employees the ability to make game-changing decisions.

Condition Monitoring

Digitally connect and monitor your store environment to reduce operating costs and create experiences that customers love.

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Monitor and manage the checkout flow inside your store to improve efficiency and reduce wait times.

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Improve warehouse output efficiency by digitizing key assets and actions.

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Track your shipment in real time across air, water, and land with location and condition monitoring.

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Gain intelligence to manage your inventory on specific products or shelf availability using sensors to automate receiving, product movement, cycle counting, and tracking.

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Digitally connect and monitor your fully automated fulfillment center to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and eliminate downtime.

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See a Connected Logistics retail solution in action with Navisphere Vision by C.H. Robinson

The challenges facing global logistics and fleet management continue to grow as more retailers move to just-in-time shipping and warehousing.







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Get a global view of your supply chain from city to city and analyze routes, weather, arrival, and at-risk shipments in real time.

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Take a closer look at a region that affects your product arrival for a key sales season. Learn about specific sites affected by externalities to re-allocate for potential delays.

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Filter by in-transit or at-risk cargo through the left-hand navigation, and then click to view shipment details scheduled for the destination city.

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Track specific details on Customer purchase orders and learn about temperature, humidity, tilt, light, shock, and pressure affecting any part of the journey and potential impact to service-level agreements. Set and glean insights on threshold data for each sensor.

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Deep dive into specific threshold insights such as light occurrences during the journey. Measure light associated to safe Geo-fence areas to see if someone unauthorized had access to the product.

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Monitor shock to see if abrasions occurred between origin and destination and what locations could result in a claim or damage audit.

See retail solutions built on Azure IoT

Footmarks Inc. delivers intelligent inventory solutions with Azure IoT Central

"By adding Azure IoT Central we are able to gain even more insights throughout our CPG partner supply chains and provide actionable insights throughout each of their campaigns."

Shawn Englund, CEO, Footmarks

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Lenovo upgrades distribution centers with multi-video-stream analytics

Lenovo’s Digital Distribution Center (DDC) is an IoT solution developed in collaboration with NVIDIA and Azure IoT Central. Through real-time scalable package detection, tracking, and validation, DDC delivers better optimization and increased utilization of distribution centers for retail, manufacturing, and logistics operations.

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C.H. Robinson is putting Azure IoT Central to work nearly everywhere on earth

"Navisphere Vision provides global shippers supply-chain visibility and a predictive analytics platform. To speed up our deployment, increase our capabilities, and evolve for the future, we are partnering and building new device connections with Azure IoT Central to empower one robust agnostic connection that allows for infinite scalability and speed."

Jordan Kass, President, TMC, a division of C.H. Robinson

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C.H. Robinson

Getting started

Along with the industry’s largest partner ecosystem, Microsoft provides the industry’s best portfolio of services and solutions to make your IoT vision a reality. With Microsoft and Azure IoT, you have a choice for how to bring your retail IoT solution to life.

Build with platform services

Build a solution for yourself or your customers, from the ground up, and with individual composable services that offer the highest degree of flexibility and control.

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Build with Azure IoT Central

Build on an IoT solutions platform that streamlines device connectivity and services integration along with templates for common retail scenarios that reduce complexity, speed time to market, and simplify pricing.

For partners, Azure IoT Central also provides multi-tenancy and the ability to create white-label solutions for your customers.

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Find a partner

Whether building with Azure IoT services or an IoT platform like Azure IoT Central, we recommend working with one of our certified partners to ensure the best experience, from proof of concept through full-scale deployment.

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