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"We have now been through one entire tax season with SQL Server 2017 for our operational data store and data warehouse, and migration worked with minimal issues."

Sameer Agarwal: Manager-Enterprise Data Analytics | H&R Block
H&R Block

"We're seeing a huge benefit in terms of scalability. We build out resources in the cloud as we need them, in a way that would have been impossible in a physical datacenter."

Sarah Haywood, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Technology | Carlsberg Group

"We had less than two hours of downtime for our entire transfer and migration. When it was time to go live, all we did was change the connection strings and start everything back up—as simple as that."

Murray Kristell, Vice President of Descartes MacroPoint Development | Descartes

Kennametal lowered its IT maintenance costs and boosted performance by moving its SAP enterprise resource planning system to Azure. After careful planning, the migration was implemented in a single weekend with minimal business impact.


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