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This blog was co-authored by Sumeet Mittal, Senior Program Manager, Azure Networking.

Earlier this year in July, we announced the public preview for Virtual Network Service Endpoints and Firewall rules for both Azure Event Hubs and Azure Service Bus. Today, we’re excited to announce that we are making these capabilities generally available to our customers.

This feature adds to the security and control Azure customers have over their cloud environments. Now, traffic from your virtual network to your Azure Service Bus Premium namespaces and Standard and Dedicated Azure Event Hubs namespaces can be kept secure from public Internet access and completely private on the Azure backbone network.

Virtual Network Service Endpoints do this by extending your virtual network private address space and the identity of your virtual network to your virtual networks. Customers dealing with PII (Financial Services, Insurance, etc.) or looking to further secure access to their cloud visible resources will benefit the most from this feature. For more details on the finer workings of Virtual Network service endpoints, refer to the documentation.

Firewall rules further allow a specific IP address or a specified range of IP addresses to access the resources.

Virtual Network Service Endpoints and Firewall rules are supported for the tiers listed below for all public regions at no extra cost.

Service Tier
Azure Service Bus Premium tier
Azure Event Hubs Standard and Dedicated tier

Azure Event Hubs, a highly reliable and easily scalable data streaming service, and Azure Service Bus, which provides enterprise messaging, are the new set of serverless offerings joining the growing list of Azure services that have enabled Virtual Network Service Endpoints.

To get more details on these features, please visit the documentation links below:

For step by step guidance on how to integrate Virtual Networks service endpoints and set up Firewalls (IP Filtering), check out the tutorial, “Enable Virtual Networks Integration and Firewalls on Event Hubs namespace.”

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