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It’s crucial to keep learning the latest cloud technology skills if you want to stay competitive in your field. Whether it’s a network at risk from an outside threat, data being improperly backed up, or a problem debugging an app, you’re on the front line of maintaining your company’s bottom line. Our series of role-based Azure Skills Navigator guides are designed to help you explore and develop these abilities, and we’re thrilled to announce the release of new guides for Network Engineers, Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR), and Java.

Network Engineers Train yourself to recommend, plan, and implement Azure networking solutions, including hybrid networking, connectivity, routing, security, and private access to Azure services. Start your networking journey in the cloud by understanding the basic tenets of Azure networking, how to configure hybrid connections, and manage the solutions for performance, resiliency, scale, and security.
Backup and Disaster Recovery Explore why centrally managed backup for on-premises and cloud data is best for reducing the management burden and costs of a BDR infrastructure while also optimizing the speed and reliability of backup and data-recovery operations. Next, dive into the Azure backup architecture and learn how to design your backup and recovery solution and then configure, deploy, and troubleshoot your BDR solution.
Java Discover the host of reasons why developers prefer building Java applications in Azure, from the ability to build, debug, and deploy Java applications using their favorite development environments, to quickly adding services and capabilities and integrating them with other apps and services in the Microsoft partner ecosystem. And not least of all, the productivity bonus of not having to manage infrastructure during development.

Additional curated guides to strengthen your Azure expertise

Each guide is carefully curated with downloadable digital training, videos, certifications, and more, and is streamlined so you get the maximum result in the minimum amount of time. You can learn at your own pace, and once you’ve conquered the foundations, you can continue with advanced-level content to further strengthen your Azure expertise. No matter your current proficiency, you’ll find something new and exciting to learn.

Don’t forget about our original line-up of Azure Skills Navigator Guides:

System Administrators Deepen your knowledge of Azure fundamental concepts of cloud computing and core infrastructure services, management, monitoring, security, and compliance with this beginner’s guide.
Solution Architects Explore core solutions then move on to solution design principles, including security and compliance, and discover deployment tools and methods to help bring your solution architectures to life.
Developers Enjoy an overview of key concepts crucial to establishing a strong Azure foundation, including Java, .NET, Node.js, and Python, and in order to build apps with low-code techniques to simplify, automate, and transform business tasks and processes.
AI Developers Use this learning path to grow your cloud AI skills with videos, tutorials, and training modules, and prepare for the Azure AI Fundamentals Certification to leverage AI to create innovative apps. This course is part of our Zero to Hero journey, a 30-day skilling path designed to help developers and engineers get started on Azure.
Data Engineers Bring together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics at cloud scale in this Zero to Hero course that instructs you in Azure Synapse—a unified experience enabling you to leverage data to unlock powerful insights.
Data Scientists Create innovation solutions for complex problems in the cloud, which is increasingly the destination for machine learning projects—a place for easy, cost-effective experiments and scale at any level of expertise or demand. This course is part of our Zero to Hero journey.

Learn more

Don’t see your field represented? We’re developing new guides all the time, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, check out all the knowledge sharing Microsoft has to offer by visiting the Azure training and certifications homepage and visit the Azure Skills Navigator guides to explore the new role-based guides.

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