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Unlocking dramatic improvements to capacity management with Azure Quantum

Effective 10/13/2023, we’re pleased to share that the Microsoft Quantum Inspired Optimization (QIO) solver is now available on GitHub under the MIT license in collaboration with KPMG. We’re excited for vibrant, community based QIO innovation to continue and generate progress and applications. Access here on GitHub.

Organizations globally struggle with maximizing resource utilization. From optimizing supply chain to managing available compute, capacity management can be staggeringly complex. In addressing these challenges, not only have Microsoft customers benefitted from significant speed, accuracy, and other improvements accessible through Azure Quantum quantum-inspired optimization (QIO)—we have as well.

Azure Storage optimization case study

Azure Storage provides secure, massively scalable cloud storage for your data, apps, and workloads. It operates at a scale that is mind-boggling for most of us, processing more than 500 trillion transactions per month and projected to grow to 175 zettabytes (175 billion terabytes) of data by 2025. Millions of people use these resources simultaneously, and the Azure Storage team needs to respond quickly to changes in customer demand while conserving resources. Billions of dollars and the Azure brand are continually at stake.

As data size continues to grow, complexity increases considerably. Azure Quantum built a QIO solution for Azure Storage that keeps the load on storage clusters uniform and dramatically reduces the amount of data the Storage team needs to move. This reduced the number of “hot” clusters whereby user experience could be negatively impacted by a factor of four. The number of monthly support escalations decreased by a factor of ten, and load uniformity across regions improved by 8 percent.

The Azure Quantum QIO solution has effectively increased capacity, efficiency, and predictability to ensure customers get the high-quality service they expect from Azure Storage. An added bonus: more efficient use of our resources also helps Microsoft meet our long-term environmental commitments.

QIO solutions address many capacity management challenges

Customers across many industries that face challenges with capacity management optimization are benefitting from QIO solutions. In the transportation industry, Trimble is using Azure Quantum QIO to identify the most efficient routes for its fleet of vehicles, ensuring fewer trucks run empty, and maximizing operating load for each trip. Ford partnered with Azure Quantum to build a QIO-based traffic optimization solution that significantly reduced both traffic congestion and driver travel time by delivering globally optimized routing to thousands of drivers simultaneously. Preliminary studies show more than a 70 percent decrease in congestion, as well as an 8 percent reduction of average travel time.

Investments in QIO today will only grow in value when the availability of scaled quantum hardware accelerates next-level impact.

Learn more about Azure Quantum QIO

Learn more about Azure Quantum QIO. Ready to try your hand on an optimization problem? Or get in touch with us to discuss partnering on an optimization project.