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Ally Financial joins Azure Quantum program to transform customer experiences in the financial industry

Today, Ally Financial, a leading digital financial services company, shared that it is partnering with Microsoft on Azure Quantum solutions. Ally will utilize Azure Quantum to explore how Microsoft’s quantum capabilities can help deliver impact for their customers.

Transforming customer experiences

Technology has always played an important role in the financial sector, and it has been shown, time and time again, that those who lead with technology make the market. This was demonstrated years ago with the telegraph—which enabled rapid transmission of information in banking and elsewhere—and more recently with the transformation from physical to digital banking such as credit cards, ATMs, and mobile payments.

Today, another transformation is underway as we approach the limits of classical computing. Despite the significant advancements in computing power, there remain many seemingly intractable problems that are waiting to be solved by experts in their field.

Ally is working with Microsoft’s Quantum team to explore solving optimization problems and quantum computing. Given the breadth of products that Ally offers, new algorithms and future quantum hardware can help leverage the company’s rich set of data to help professionals in the field make better decisions. This can be anything from knowing why a customer is likely to contact the Ally call center to portfolio management and streamlining business processes.

Preparing for a post-quantum world

Even though large-scale quantum computers won’t be available in the near term, their future availability is something for which businesses across the board need to prepare. With access to Azure Quantum, Ally is preparing a quantum-ready workforce that will be able to leverage scalable hardware as it becomes available.

Azure Quantum is currently available in preview and offers access to a range of optimization solutions and quantum hardware along with the tools and technologies needed to quickly ramp up on the journey to a quantum future and drive meaningful business impact today.

Get started today

Tap into quantum optimization solutions and quantum hardware options and get started on your quantum journey with Azure Quantum.

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