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Azure Quantum is now in Public Preview

Azure Quantum, the world’s first full-stack, public cloud ecosystem for quantum solutions, is now open for business. Developers, researchers, systems integrators, and customers can use it to learn and build solutions based on the latest innovations—using familiar tools in the most trusted public cloud.

The unified Azure Quantum ecosystem will accelerate your R&D with access to diverse quantum software and hardware solutions, a network of leading quantum researchers and developers, a robust resource library, and flexible self-service or tailored development programs for customers and systems integrators.

Collaborate with a vibrant community of innovators and developers

You’ll be able to collaborate with world-leading experts in our vibrant community of quantum innovators. Our open-source Quantum Development Kit (QDK) with the Q# quantum programming language protects your development investments by proactively anticipating and integrating with advances in quantum systems. And Microsoft’s new Quantum Intermediate Representation (QIR) is a common open-source interface between languages and target quantum computation platforms.

Wherever you are starting, you can tap into our robust resource library of learning materials and samples to grow your skills in quantum computing and optimization. Microsoft Learn teaches fundamental quantum concepts, Katas teach quantum programming in self-paced tutorials, and our samples demonstrate how quantum algorithms can be used for a variety of quantum computing tasks.

Access quantum computing and optimization solutions in the cloud

Through a single development interface, you can tap into unique capabilities offered by industry leaders in quantum computing and optimization solutions.

Diagram of Azure Quantum solution partners

You can access quantum computing capabilities in the cloud from our hardware partners, Honeywell Quantum Solutions and IonQ, through their trapped-ion quantum systems. Honeywell’s system leverages mid-compute measurement and qubit reuse, allowing developers to write quantum algorithms in uniquely impactful ways. IonQ’s system offers a dynamically reconfigurable system for up to 11 fully-connected qubits that lets you run a two-qubit gate between any pair.

You can also drive impact today by developing optimization solutions based on solvers from Microsoft and 1QBit. This new generation of algorithms apply quantum principles for increased speed and accuracy, running at scale on a range of silicon including CPU, GPU and FPGA. With cloud-based access through Azure Quantum, you can accelerate research into solving problems in chemistry, medicine, finance, and logistics.

Explore at your own pace on a trusted, scalable, and secure platform

As you start on your quantum journey, you can explore at your own pace, with the peace of mind that your data is secure in the most-trusted public cloud. You pay as you go, and scale when you are ready. You have the flexibility to choose from self-service development or tailored development services with our Enterprise Acceleration Program.

Attend our free Azure Quantum Developer Workshop on February 2 at 8am PST, when you can learn from our industry-leading partners about the latest in quantum computing and optimization solutions. They will share the capabilities they are delivering along with technical demos and a live Q&A at the end of the workshop.

The transition to Public Preview of Azure Quantum is a key milestone for quantum computing and our ecosystem. This continues the momentum we saw last year, which includes selection for the National Quantum Initiative Quantum Research Centers, the addition of new Azure Quantum partners, and hardware advances in scaling control circuitry for qubits.

Customers using Azure Quantum have already demonstrated valuable ways to build solutions to complex problems. From logistics and freight optimization to risk management solutions and fighting cancer, we’re seeing real-world application of Azure Quantum solutions today, and we are pleased to now expand Azure Quantum to Public Preview.

Try Azure Quantum today for free and join the most comprehensive full-stack ecosystem delivering quantum impact.