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APS Physical Review Letters selects Station Q paper


We are pleased to announce that the American Physical Society (APS) journal, Physical Review Letters, has selected the Station Q paper, Transport Signatures of Quasiparticle Poisoning in a Majorana Island, as an Editors’ Suggestion. The paper details how, working with theorists in Copenhagen, we found a way to measure the quasiparticle poisoning rate of a Majorana wire by using the strength of a shadow of the main Coulomb blockade peaks. By operating with a nearly open device, the Coulomb energy was reduced, and we could see Coulomb peak motion much more clearly than in previous studies. Microsoft is supporting this fundamental science both for its intrinsic interest and as a stepping stone toward building a topological quantum computer.

Physical Review Letters editors highlight only one in six submitted papers as an Editors’ Suggestion, based on the paper’s particular importance, innovation, and/or broad appeal. Ranked first among physics and mathematics journals by the Google Scholar five-year h-index, Physical Review Letters accepts fewer than one quarter of the submissions it receives. We are honored and thank Physical Review Letters for highlighting our work.

Read the abstract of the paper.