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New Azure App Service plans fuel greater choice and savings

We are excited to announce new plans for Microsoft Azure App Service customers.

This blog is co-authored with Mayunk Jain, Stefan Schackow, Mads Damgård, and Jordan Selig.

In times of economic uncertainty, organizations need flexible options to achieve their business outcomes. To meet this need, we are excited to announce new plans for Microsoft Azure App Service customers with two new offerings in the Premium v3 (Pv3) service tier, and expansion in the Isolated v2 tier, which powers the high-security App Service Environment v3.

The rise in App Modernization projects is driven by companies of all sizes and digital maturity levels seeking powerful cost efficiencies as they continue to innovate and unlock competitive advantages with a leaner workforce and limited budgets. A brand new cost-effective P0v3 plan and a new series of memory-optimized (P*mv3) plans is designed to help more customers thrive and grow with Azure platform as a service (PaaS).

The P0v3 plan provides one of the most compelling price-to-performance ratios for organizations looking to get started with Azure App Service. As part of the modern Premium v3 tier, these plans include access to environments with faster processors, Azure Virtual Network support, and higher scale via increased vCPU, memory, and instance counts. The P0v3 and P*mv3 plans help you achieve more—with more options than before and greater flexibility to support your organization’s workload and free your development team to focus on innovation.

Reduce your app modernization costs without compromising on performance

The P0v3 plan gives you access to all the modern features that you expect from our most popular Premium v3 service plan at an extremely competitive price point. If you’re currently using or considering the Standard plan or Premium v2 (Pv2) plan, the new P0v3 plan delivers significantly higher performance at a similar monthly cost. What’s more, the P0v3 plan allows you to take advantage of Azure savings plans and reserved instance (RI) pricing—only available on the Premium v3 tier—for up to 55 percent more savings compared to the pay-as-you-go plan. Start planning your deployments today; app modernization has never been more compelling.

More diverse offerings meet your memory-intensive workload needs

Not all workloads in the cloud need the same resources, which is why organizations regularly optimize their architecture with a mix of technologies and service plans that best meet their current needs. To meet this need for varied workload sizes, we’ve developed the new memory-optimized series of P*mv3 plans, labeled as P1mv3, P2mv3, P3mv3, and so on.

These offerings provide the flexibility to scale your memory configuration without having to pay for additional cores. They also complement our existing line-up by creating more cost-effective options for workloads that need more memory to cache data or render a large page quickly, while working well using existing compute horsepower. They range from two virtual cores with 16 GB RAM in P1mv3 (compared to two cores, 8 GB RAM in P1v3) to 32 virtual cores with 256 GB RAM in the P5mv3.

As an example of how the memory-optimized plans can drive greater value for your organization, consider that the Linux pay as you go (PAYG) price for the East US region for the 16 GB P1mv3 plan with two virtual cores costs 54 percent less than the current four core, or 14 GB P3v2 offering and 40 percent less than the four virtual core and 16 GB P2v3 offering—while offering equivalent or more memory. Now, when you consider the savings plan discount for one and three years for P1mv3 as compared to P3v2, the savings jump to 65 percent and 75 percent respectively.

To learn more about the new Pv3 plans and pricing—for both Windows and Linux—visit the App Service pricing page. Then model how much you could save in your own environment using the Azure pricing calculator.

Premium v3 is your one-stop-shop for savings and scalability

Whether your organization is looking for entry-level plans to get started with app modernization or ready to expand its footprint with larger, more demanding workloads, the Premium v3 tier has you covered. With cost-effective instances as low as one virtual core with four GB RAM on the one hand, to the largest workloads running on 32 virtual core with 256 GB RAM on the other—and everything in between—Premium v3 plans give you the peace of mind to scale up or down within the same modern and dynamic environment as needed, and adapt your platform spending to your current needs.

If you’re using a different tier for your existing workloads, we recommend adding new workloads using Pv3 plans as they can easily coexist. Going forward, rather than adding another instance to a Pv2 or lower tier plan, consider the Premium v3 tier for greater savings and performance. As a fully managed application platform service, Azure App Service will ensure your workloads are configured to perform and scale at the highest levels no matter what plan you choose.

Announcing larger instances for App Service Environment

Customers with high security and compliance needs can also choose the App Service Environment which provides fine-grained control over inbound and outbound application network traffic. Unlike the shared, multi-tenant service, an App Service Environment hosts applications from only one customer and is powered by the Isolated v2 (Iv2) plans. We are excited to announce three new Isolated v2 offerings which expand the ability for organizations to run applications at high scale and with higher memory utilization in an isolated and secure environment. These new offerings are the I4v2, I5v2, and I6v2, providing new compute options ranging from 16 virtual cores with 64 GB memory to as much as 64 virtual cores with 256 GB memory.

These new offerings also provide additional reasons for customers currently using earlier versions of App Service Environment to migrate to Isolated v2. This blog describes the benefits of moving to Isolated v2.

Achieve more on the next step of your modernization journey

Availability of the new plans is rolling out in H1 2023 across the Azure regions. Check back regularly as availability expands in the coming weeks. For more details on the technical specifications of these plans, as well as information on the complete range of tiers and plans for Microsfot Azure App Service, please visit our pricing page.

If you are new to this journey, learn more about Azure App Modernization and get started with free Azure credits. If you are ready to start, check out our partner portal to find Microsoft partners with advanced specialization in app modernization to help speed up your deployments.

Bookmark the Apps on Azure blog to keep up with our expert coverage and product announcements and follow Microsoft Azure on Twitter for the latest news and updates. As always, we would love to hear your feedback and experiences in the comments below. Let us know how these new Azure PaaS offerings help in your app strategy for 2023 and beyond.