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We are excited to share that Azure SQL Database is among the most popular databases of 2020 according to DB-Engines, who recently announced their DBMS of the Year award. DB-Engines collects information on database management systems and it provides a widely accepted popularity ranking of database management systems. Azure SQL Database’s popularity score increased 253 percent through 2020, placing it in the top three database systems for the year—a first for a cloud database service in the nine years DB-Engines has published their rankings.

Azure SQL provides flexible options for migrating and modernizing your existing applications or building new applications in the cloud. It’s built upon the same SQL Server engine available on-premises, providing a consistent and unified experience across your entire portfolio. This enables database administrators and developers alike to use their existing SQL skills in the cloud to modernize and innovate.

Thank you to DB-Engines for this recognition and to our customers for your continued support. We are grateful to have such a passionate user community and look forward to investing in Azure SQL for you.

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