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Ulrich Homann

Ulrich Homann

Corporate Vice President and Distinguished Architect, Cloud and AI

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Published • 2 min read

GAIA-X gets new support with European Eclipse Data Connector 

Transmitting data from one organization to another is a technical problem that has been solved in innumerable ways. What is different about this project? The Eclipse Dataspace Connector (EDC) is a European open source project made up of components that enable multicloud, policy-based, federated data sharing based on European data sovereignty principles.

Published • 4 min read

SAP and Microsoft partner to deliver supply chain and Industry 4.0 solutions in the cloud 

Current market conditions demonstrate how heavily the world relies on technology to increase the resilience of the supply chain, and how important agility and data insights are to enable quick decision-making and shifts in strategy to serve rapidly changing needs.