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Microsoft Build 2023: Innovation through Microsoft commercial marketplace

With Azure’s enterprise-grade security and built-in responsible AI, the rate of innovation is growing exponentially. As we look forward to Microsoft Build 2023, I am inspired by the innovation coming from our ISV partners and software as a service (SaaS) providers building on the Microsoft Cloud.

As we look forward to Microsoft Build 2023, I am inspired by the innovation coming from our ISV partners and SaaS providers building on the Microsoft Cloud.

In the past year, we’ve seen large-scale, generative AI models support the creation of new capabilities that expand our vision of the possible, improve productivity, and ignite creativity. The general availability of Azure OpenAI Service is helping developers apply these models to a variety of use cases such as natural language understanding, writing assistance, code generation, data reasoning, content summarization, and semantic search. With Azure’s enterprise-grade security and built-in responsible AI, the rate of innovation is growing exponentially.

Making new strides in AI

The Microsoft commercial marketplace makes it possible for customers to find, purchase, and deploy innovative applications and services to drive their business outcomes. At Microsoft Build 2023, we’re proud to highlight several partners with AI solutions available in the marketplace:

  • Orkes empowers developers to easily build reliable and secure AI applications, tools, and integrations on Azure with the Conductor open source microservices orchestration platform. With built-in elastic scaling and reliability, teams can more quickly bring applications to market.
  • Run:ai helps companies deliver AI faster and bridge the gap between data science and computing infrastructure by providing a high-performance compute virtualization layer for deep learning, which accelerates the training of neural network models and enables the development of large AI models to help organizations in every industry accelerate AI innovation.
  • Statsig allows any company to experiment like big tech at a fraction of the cost. With advanced feature management tools such as automated A/B testing and integrated product analytics, developers can use data insights to learn faster and build better products.

Explore security solutions with our partners

As AI is experiencing rapid growth, security has never been more important. Companies of all sizes and across every industry are increasing their investments in cybersecurity. Partners specializing in security solutions that run on the Microsoft Cloud help customers reduce costs, close coverage gaps, and prevent even the most sophisticated attacks.

At Microsoft Build 2023, we’re excited to feature select partners with security solutions offered in the marketplace:

  • Anjuna is a multi-cloud confidential computing platform for complete data security and privacy, featuring a unique trusted execution environment that leverages hardware-level isolation to intrinsically secure data and code in the cloud so enterprises can run applications inside Azure Confidential Computing instances in minutes without code changes.
  • Kovrr transforms cyber security data into actionable, financially quantified cyber risk mitigation recommendations to manage enterprise cyber risk exposure, inform which security controls to invest in, and provide insights into how to optimize cyber insurance and capital management strategies.
  • Noname Security protects APIs from attacks in real-time while detecting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they are exploited, offering deeper visibility and security than API gateways, load balancers, and well architected frameworks (WAFs) without requiring agents or network modifications.

Manage your cloud portfolio with the Microsoft commercial marketplace

The Microsoft commercial marketplace continues to grow and is becoming customers’ preferred method for managing their entire cloud portfolio.

Through the marketplace, customers can search across thousands of applications and services in a single catalog, creating a one-stop destination for all cloud needs including AI, security, data, infrastructure, and more. Solutions available on the marketplace are validated for compatibility with Microsoft applications, ensuring that customers can buy with confidence and deploy seamlessly on Azure.

For customers with enterprise agreements, purchases can be added directly to an Azure bill, simplifying the purchasing process and reducing the number of vendors to be paid separately. For organizations with a cloud consumption commitment, the entire purchase can count towards remaining commitment. Thousands of applications in the marketplace are eligible to count towards an Azure commitment, including the solutions highlighted above—Orkes, Run:ai, Statsig, Anjuna, Kovrr, and Noname Security. With the Microsoft commercial marketplace, customers can get the innovative solutions needed to stay ahead in a competitive market while maximizing the value of cloud investments.