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Azure provides the right solution for your data needs, from sql database to documentDB to storage. Leverage existing skills and gain the scalability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness of Azure data services.

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Mix and match any data

Bring data in its original form and mix and match across a variety of data services for innovative, modern application designs. Azure data services offers a consistent experience with relational and non-relational data, big or small. Optimize the cloud platform for the varying needs of the modern app. Enjoy more choices without making tradeoffs.

Leap ahead with existing skills

Leverage existing skills, including Transact-SQL and relational know-how, to leap ahead with game-changing cloud solutions. Azure data services are built on an open and flexible cloud platform that enables your developers to build applications using any language, tool or framework. Looking to extend your datacenter to the cloud? Azure enables you to innovate on top of existing investments and unlock new opportunities.

Enjoy scalability and cost-effectiveness

Regardless of data service, you can count on the global availability of Azure with data centers in eight regions, built-in geo-replication for storage, and cloud elasticity to support dynamic scale. Competitive pricing and management controls help you control costs. Just set maximums, and pay only for the storage and compute you use.

Robust Infrastructure
for SQL Server

Develop and test new cloud applications with full Microsoft SQL Server functionality or migrate existing on-premises applications to reduce costs with the solid foundation of Azure Virtual Machines and Virtual Network. Additionally, you can unlock new hybrid scenarios such as cloud-based backup of on-premises data. Another hybrid example is deploying SQL Server AlwaysOn primary databases on-premises with cloud-based secondaries in Azure Virtual Machines.

"All of a sudden, infrastructure in a service comes out, and itӳ like, boom. You can run SQL Server. You can analysis services. You can do enterprise-class BI in the cloud." Steve Novosellac - IT Manager, Trek

Scalable and global business applications

Design business apps for burst and global reach and avoid the high costs of building an infrastructure for occasional peak loads. Instead, burst part or all of the application to Azure SQL Database which can support massive scale at lower cost. Additionally, SQL Database can provide powerful and predictable performance for business-class applications that have high peak loads, support many concurrent requests, and require low latency.

Flavorus went from servers crashing to being able to sell 900,000 tickets in a minute. The company now has more scalability than it needs. "WindowsAzure turned out to be the golden ticket"James Reichardt - Chief Technology Officer, FlavorusLearn More

On-premises compliance with extension to the cloud

Customers with strict data policies can get the best of both worlds by keeping sensitive, policy-constrained data on-premises while extending parts of their business application to SQL Database for added innovation, scale, reach, and agility.

"The firewall and security configurations in SQL Azure are great. Our cloud-based services are now as secure as our data-center-based services." Devan Govender - Chief Software Architect, BetOnSoft Learn More

Modern data warehousing, with data big and small

Easily and cost-effectively gain insights from your existing relational on-premise data warehouses or by combining this with relational data in the cloud with SQL Server for data warehousing in Azure Virtual Machines or non-relational data from Hadoop with Azure HDInsight, gaining new insight from previously inaccessible data.

"With Hadoop on Azure, we can mine data and understand our audience in a way we never could before." Mark Vayman - Lead Program Manager, Halo Services Team Learn More

Mobile and web applications using non-relational data

For customers looking to augment web, cloud and social media applications with a highly scalable, non-relational data tier, DocumentDB and Tables provide powerful managed NoSQL services. DocumentDB provides query over schema-free data and Tables provides fast, inexpensive storage.

"Crawling excellence is a key competitive differentiator for us; customers expect us to be 100 percent reliable and to deliver results in the blink of an eye." Vsevolod Vanchikov - Chief Technology Officer, Medialogia Learn More

App storage or cold storage - your choice

Integrate unstructured data storage into your modern app design. Now you can cost-effectively store items like images, PDFs, videos in Azure Blob service. Or, take advantage of the price point for geo-redundant data storage.

"The nice thing about Blob Storage is that is highly reliable. Our customers can upload documents such as invoices or contracts related to a job, and those items are automatically stored in Blob Storage and easily accessible."Steven Orenstein - Chief Executive Officer, Connect2Field Learn More

Data Management: Choosing the Right Technology

Leverage your existing skills and gain scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness by storing and managing your data in Azure.

Azure provides several different ways to store and manage data. This overview by David Chappell walks through scenarios and describes which data management solution is most appropriate for each case.

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