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Azure Regions

Blender on Azure Batch

Today we’re releasing Blender on Azure Batch. Components that will help you run rendering jobs on Azure Batch. This post will show you how to get started with running Blender jobs on the cloud.

#GlobalAzure Bootcamp 2015

#GlobalAzure Bootcamp 2015

The #GlobalAzure Bootcamp on April 25th is the largest global community event on the planet. We welcome you to participate and organize a location too!


RBAC and Azure Websites Publishing

Managing content publishing contributions is an area where Azure Websites customers can directly benefit from the new Role Based Access Control (RBAC) functionality available in Azure.


Announcing General Availability of Mobile Offline Sync Managed SDK

The best mobile apps handle network interruptions gracefully, allowing users to be productive despite the lack of connectivity. Learn how you can use the offline sync feature of Azure Mobile Services, to create responsive apps that work, even when the network doesn’t.