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Retirement: Support for Application Gateway Web Application Firewall v2 Configuration is ending

Published date: March 15, 2024

On 15 March 2027, the Application Gateway WAF v2 Configuration will be retired. To continue using this service, switch to the Application Gateway WAF v2 Policy before the retirement date. The WAF Policy offers the same features as the Configuration, plus additional security enhancements and new features at no extra cost. You can migrate seamlessly from WAF Configuration to WAF Policy without any downtime. We recommend that you make the transition before the retirement date to take advantage of the advanced features, higher scale, better performance, and the ability to share the same WAF policy across multiple gateways, listeners, and URL paths. 
Required action  
From now through 15 March 2027, you can continue to use and receive support for Application Gateway WAF v2 Configuration, or transition to Application Gateway WAF v2 – WAF Policy before 15 March 2027. After 15 March 2025, the  creation of new Application Gateway WAF v2 Configurations will no longer be supported. To avoid service disruptions, we recommend you follow these migration instructions as soon as possible.  
Help and support  
If you have questions, get answers from community experts in Microsoft Q&A If you have a support plan and you need technical help, create a support request.   

  1. Under Issue type, select Technical.    
  2. Under Subscription, select your subscription.    
  3. Under Service, select My services, then select Web Application Firewall (WAF).    
  4. Select the Azure resource that you are creating a support request for.    
  5. Under Summary, type a description of your issue.    
  6. Under Problem type, select Regional WAF (Application Gateway).     
  7. Under Problemsubtype, select configuration of WAF.  
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