Public preview: Microsoft Cognitive Services

2016년 4월 1일 금요일

Microsoft Cognitive Services is a collection of APIs available to developers to make their applications more intelligent and engaging. This set of services expands on our evolving portfolio of machine learning APIs and lets developers easily add intelligent features—such as vision, speech, language, and knowledge capabilities—to their solutions. The following services are now in public preview so developers can deploy the most advanced AI algorithms by using simple, RESTful APIs:
  • Face and Emotion APIs, which can analyze and deeply understand image content. The algorithms can detect people and provide approximate personal attributes such as age, gender, and emotion.
  • Speech API, to support speech recognition (speech to text) and synthesis (text to speech).
  • Language APIs, for understanding the context within a text segment: Web Language Model API offers advanced natural language processing, such as word breaking and auto completion. Text Analytics API provides sentiment analysis and key phrase extraction. Language Understanding Intelligent Service API helps applications process natural language commands in a matter of minutes.
  • Recommendations API, for helping to predict which items of a catalog are more likely to be of interest to customers.
Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs are available as stand-alone services, and public preview pricing will go into effect on April 1, 2016. For more information about pricing, please visit the Cognitive Services pricing page.

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