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Public Preview: Ingest events from Azure Event Hubs to Azure Monitor Logs

Published date: July 05, 2023

You can now ingest data directly from an event hub into a Log Analytics workspace.

Azure Event Hubs is a big data streaming platform that collects events from multiple sources to be ingested by Azure and external services.  

The new ability to ingest data can be powerful if you already rely on message queueing mechanisms and are interested in ingesting data into Log Analytics or Sentinel workspace or ingesting into multiple destinations.

If you are using Kafka, you can connect your applications to Kafka endpoint on an event hub without any code changes, or use other methods to bring data to event hub.


The main benefits of this feature are as follows:

  • Highly scalable and reliable ingestion - start with data streams in megabytes and grow to gigabytes or terabytes.
  • Fully managed service, without need to use and maintain other components like functions, logic apps, plugins in order to ingest data from Event Hub into Log Analytics workspace.
  • Minimum configuration with flexibility to add more advanced configurations using transformations.

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