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Public preview: Azure NetApp Files cross-zone replication

Published date: December 15, 2022

The cross-zone replication feature allows you to replicate your Azure NetApp Files volumes asynchronously from one Azure availability zone (AZ) to another in the same region. It uses a combination of the SnapMirror® technology used with cross-region replication and the new availability zone volume placement feature, to replicate data in-region; only changed blocks are sent over the network in a compressed, efficient format. It helps you protect your data from unforeseeable zone failures, without the need for host-based data replication. This feature minimizes the amount of data required to replicate across the zones, therefore limiting data transfers required and also shortens the replication time, so you can achieve a smaller restore point objective (RPO). Cross-zone replication doesn’t involve any network transfer costs, and hence it is highly cost-effective. 

The public preview of the feature is currently available in the following regions: Australia East, Brazil South, Canada Central, Central US, East Asia, East US, East US 2, France Central, Germany West Central, Japan East, North Europe, Norway East, Southeast Asia, South Central US, UK South, West Europe, West US 2, and West US 3.

In the future, this feature is planned to be rolled out to other AZ-enabled regions with Azure NetApp Files presence. 

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