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QPU High Utilization metric available for Power BI Embedded

Published date: May 09, 2018

The QPU High Utilization metric is now available for Power BI Embedded. This metric tracks the load on the query processing units on your Azure resource. 

Every minute, the metric checks if your resource’s QPU usage has exceeded 80% utilization. If so, the metric returns a value of 1. If not, it returns a value of 0. Over time, you can track how many times the utilization has crossed the 80% limit. Each occurrence of utilization over 80% should be considered a potential case of performance degradation. Too many such cases are a good indicator of significant performance problems for users.

In this metric, you can track either the average value (which returns a number between 0 and 1) or the count/sum in a given time. For example, if you count the values every five minutes, a value of 4 indicates that you have crossed the limit four out of five times. This might indicate that you need a higher SKU to handle load, before it's reflected in performance for your users.

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